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GPLA Genoplante - 2007

APHICIBLES – Symbiosis, digestion and reproduction as Aphid physiological processes to identify new targets for insecticides

AvirLep – A whole-genome-based search for Leptosphaeria maculans avirulence and aggressiveness genes to improve management of resistance genes of oilseed rape to stem canker disease

FROG – Stabilizing yield under abiotic constraints: Functional characterisation of orphan genes in A. thaliana and application to rice.

GENERGY – Improvement of the oil yield of the rapeseed crop in the context of bio fuel production

GENESALB – Genetic analysis of resistance to South American Leaf Blight (SALB) in rubber tree (Hevea spp.)

GENOPLANTE – Utilisation du déséquilibre de liaison par le logiciel MCQTL

GnpAnnot – Plate-forme d’annotation structurale, fonctionnelle et comparative dédiée aux génomes de plantes et de leurs bioagresseurs

GnpIntegr – Plate-forme intégrative en génomique : interopérabilité entre les bases de données, les banques de données et les outils, mise en place d’un environnement collaboratif de développement logiciel, support de projets scientifiques de grande envergure.

GRAPEFunGen – Développement de ressources génétiques adaptées à l'analyse fonctionnelle chez la vigne

GRASSBIOFUEL – Increasing the potential of biofuel production from ligno-cellulosic biomass of grasses through genetic and genomic approaches of cell wall biosynthesis based on maize as a model system

Hyper-maize – Hybrid yield performance in maize

IRMA – Molecular bases of disease and resistance in the Interaction of Rice and Magnaporthe grisea

MoniMaize – The Fusarium “Gibberella fujikoroi” complex on maize : New insights on pathogen/pathogen and host/pathogen interactions and their consequences on fumonisin biosynthesis

PHYTOSOL – Functional confirmation of candidate genes for a broad-spectrum resistance QTL against Phytophthora in Solanaceae

ProticWorkShop – A bioinformatics environment for proteome data validation, analysis and integration

REALTIME – Realtime effects of natural selection by pests and pathogens on host tree genome

REGENEOME – Genomic and epigenomic bases of plant cell totipotency : A laser assisted microdissection approach

RIL-KIT – Tools to optimize the use of RIL populations, for natural diversity studies and QTL cloning

SEEDPLASTOMICS – Embryonic photosynthesis and seed maturation : characterisation of plastid gene expression and its importance for germination vigour and longevity of seeds

Séquençage de la vigne – Séquençage de la vigne

SUNYFUEL – Improving sunflower yield and quality for biofuel production by genomics and genetics

WALLTALK – Plant cell walls : where microbes meet plants

WHEAT PERFORMANCE – Genetic control of Yield components in Wheat

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