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Projects and Results2013 and previous editions

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2013 and previous editions

This section allows you to check out all of the 2013 ANR calls for proposals.

Make your own selection according to the call status (open/closed/selected/funded), a research programme, or through a free keywords search.


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Theme Call title Status Closing date
Biology and Health Biomedical Innovation in public-private Research Partnership (RPIB) Funded 19/03/2013
Biology and Health Bilateral French-German call for proposals on Epigenomics of Common and Age-related Diseases Selected 29/08/2013
Biology and Health The Ambient Assisted Living joint programme (AAL) article 185 Funded 30/04/2013
Biology and Health Translational Research in Health (PRTS) Funded 16/04/2013
Biology and Health Call for French-US Projects in Computational Neuroscience Selected 09/11/2012
Biology and Health Mental Health - Addictions (SAMENTA) Funded 19/02/2013
Biology and Health 5th E-Rare Joint Transnational Call for European Research Projects on Rare Diseases Selected pre-proposal : 31/01/2013
Date closed : 29/05/2013
Biology and Health 6th NEURON joint transnational call for European research projects on mental disorders. Transnational section of the ANR call SAMENTA 2013 Selected pre-proposal : 11/03/2013
Date closed : 25/06/2013
Biology and Health Transnational call for proposals on nanomedicine through the ERA-NET EuroNanoMed II Selected 04/03/2013
Biology and Health Call for European research projects for the evaluation of health care policies, strategies and interventions of neurodegenerative diseases, in the context of JPND Selected 21/03/2013
Biology and Health Technologies for health and autonomy - TecSan Funded 28/02/2013
Biology and Health Call for European research projects for the identification of genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk and protective factors of neurodegenerative diseases, in the context of JPND Selected 19/03/2013
Biology and Health Transnational joint call for proposals on human infectious diseases through the ERA-NET Infect-ERA Selected pre-proposal : 19/04/2013
Date closed : 02/08/2013
Biology and Health ERA-NET ERASynBio Joint Transnational Call (JTC 2013) on synthetic biology Selected 26/08/2013
Cross-cutting Programmes Facing Societal, Climate & Environmental Changes (SOCENV) Funded 19/03/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Sustainable chemistry – Industries – Innovation Funded 20/02/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Materials and Processes for High Performance Products Selected 07/03/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Specific Support for Research Works and Innovation Defense (ASTRID) Selected 05/03/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Concepts, Systems and Tools for the Global Security (CSOSG) Funded 04/04/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Nanotechnologies and Nanosystems - P2N Selected 07/03/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security M-ERA.NET: From materials science and engineering to innovation for Europe Funded 30/10/2013
Engineering, Processes and Security Specific Support for Research Works and Innovation Defence: Maturation and Development (ASTRID-Maturation) Selected 28/06/2013
Environment and Biological Resources Transnational Multi-partner Call on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Selected 03/09/2013
Environment and Biological Resources BIOADAPT - Adaptation: from genes to populations. Genetics and biology of adaptation to stresses and disturbances Selected 23/01/2013
Environment and Biological Resources RURAGRI call 2012 for applications for transnational research linking agricultural, rural and sustainable development aspects Funded 30/11/2012
Environment and Biological Resources ALID Research programme "Sustainable Food Systems" Funded 14/02/2013
Environment and Biological Resources AGROBIOSPHERE: Viability and Adaptation of Productive Ecosystems, Territories and Resources in the face of Global Changes Selected pre-proposal : 17/01/2013
Date closed : 16/04/2013
Environment and Biological Resources ERA-Net BiodivERsA 2 Selected 13/02/2013
Environment and Biological Resources ECO-TS - EcoTechnologies & EcoServices Selected 28/02/2013
Exploratory and Emerging Research Blanc Programme Selected 17/01/2013
Information and Communication Science and Technology 3rd call for proposals of the CHIST-ERA ERA-NET Selected 22/01/2013
Information and Communication Science and Technology Hardware and software infrastructures for the digital society (INFRA) Funded 07/02/2013
Information and Communication Science and Technology Digital Content and Interactions (CONTINT) Funded 11/02/2013
Information and Communication Science and Technology Digital Models Funded 12/02/2013
Information and Communication Science and Technology Digital Engineering & Security Funded 07/03/2013
Partnerships and Competitiveness Industrial Chairs Selected 31/01/2013
Partnerships and Competitiveness Joint laboratories between public research organisations and SMEs or intermediate-sized enterprises (LabCom) Funded 06/09/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Open Research Area Plus for the social sciences - 3rd call for proposals Selected 15/02/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Changing societies "Emergence and evolution of cultures and cultural phenomena" Funded 20/03/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Franco-German call in Social Sciences and the Humanities Selected 15/04/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities NORFACE ERA-NET "Welfare State Futures" Closed 16/04/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities "Learning" Programme Funded 14/05/2013
Social Sciences and Humanities Innovative societies - Innovation, economy, living Funded 06/06/2013
Sustainable Energy Sustainable Transport and Mobility Funded 06/03/2013
Sustainable Energy Biomaterials and Energies Funded 26/02/2013
Sustainable Energy Energy efficient and decarbonised systems (SEED) Funded 04/03/2013
Sustainable Energy Sustainable Cities and Buildings Funded 28/02/2013
Sustainable Energy Sustainable Electricity Production and Management Funded 21/03/2013
Sustainable Energy DESCARTES: challenge on electro-chemical storage associated with remote controlled robots Funded 03/06/2013