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Projects and ResultsWork Programme 2017"Economic impact of research and competitiveness" component

"Economic impact of research and competitiveness" component

This component aims to facilitate partnerships with the business community and transfer findings made by public research into industrial applications. By strengthening cooperation and partnerships, the proposed initiatives enable value to be created from the results of public research, which also encourages R&D efforts among companies and prompts them to invent and innovate. Said initiatives are positioned in relation to an increasingly present theme of technological maturity whose integration is reinforced to varying degrees by such intersector partnerships. It has been remarked that in France specifically there is a low number of SMEs offering innovations in service or products with regard to the difficulties experienced engaging with the public research sector, justifying certain initiative’s particular approach toward SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises.

To this end, ANR supports projects carried out in partnership with enterprises with a direct impact on the economy and competitiveness via the “Collaborative Research Projects involving Enterprises” (PRCE) instrument, accessible through the Generic Call for Proposals.

In addition to the PRCE instrument, the component is also made up of the following specific programmes:

  • LabCom creates and consolidates laboratories jointly established between a public research laboratory and small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or intermediate-sized enterprises. Partnerships must be reinforced, strictly bilateral, and long-term so that the company may capitalise on innovative products derived from joint results generated in the LabCom. Technological maturity of projects is intermediate.
  • Industrial chairs: For the establishment of chairs at public research facilities, in partnership with enterprises, funded jointly by said enterprises with ANR. This programme, which enables a laboratory to collaborate with one or several industrial partners, aims to strengthen the innovative and strategic research potential in priority areas for French industry for which technology readiness levels (TRLs) are still low.
  • Carnot Institutes: Promoting the development of contractual research partnering public research structures and actors from the business world.

All of the above-mentioned initiatives are coordinated with academic research transfer structures, funded in particular under the Investments for the Future plan (a prominent example being the SATTs), but also with public structures close to the socio-economic sector. As was the case in the past, ANR’s 2017 calls will be open to labelling by the competitiveness clusters.