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Projects and ResultsWork Programme 2016“Major Societal Challenges”

“Major Societal Challenges” component

In the framework laid down by the Strategic Agenda for Research and Transfer and Innovation "France Europe 2020”, and in accordance with the National Research Strategy (SNR), a significant portion of Work Programme 2016 is organised around nine major societal challenges (except for the space sector, under the authority of CNES):

  1. Efficient resource management and adaptation to climate change
  2. Clean, secure and efficient energy
  3. Industrial renewal
  4. Life, health and well-being
  5. Food security and demographic challenges
  6. Sustainable mobility and urban systems
  7. Information and communication society
  8. Innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies
  9. Freedom and security of Europe, its citizens and its residents

The "Major societal challenges" component groups basic knowledge acquisition and targeted, often finalised research under one heading.

This component is subject to the generic call for proposals and uses all available instruments enabling funding of collaborative research projects in a national or international context (Collaborative Research Projects - PRC and International Collaborative Research Projects - PRCI, respectively, and possibly Collaborative Research Projects involving Enterprises - PRCE or individual research projects coordinated by Young Researchers - JCJC).