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Generic call for proposals 2016 – First stage

ANR received 6,419 pre-proposals (Sep./Oct. 2015) during Generic Call for Proposals 2016’s first selection phase. Of these, 2,826 were selected to move on to the second phase, which runs until mid-April 2016. This year’s first phase therefore boasted a success rate of 44% (selected/non-selected).

Each of the proposals submitted was reviewed by more than one evaluator, with 88% of projects benefiting from 4 to 6 evaluations. A total of 2,400 evaluators, including 768 panel members, carried out 29,796 evaluations.

Out of 6,419 eligible pre-proposals, 2,826 were found to respond to the Generic Call, composed of the following funding instruments: Collaborative Research Projects (PRC), Collaborative Research Projects involving Enterprises (ESRP), and Young Researchers (JCJC). The coordinators of selected proposals have been sent e-mail invitations to submit full proposals.

In addition, 434 pre-registrations (411 eligible) have been logged for the International Collaborative Research Projects (PRCI) instrument.  Provided for in the bilateral agreements between ANR and its counterpart agencies, PRCI projects fall under the Generic Call for Proposals but follow a separate submission calendar.

Focus on the results after stage 1

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Projects invited to submit a full proposal by type of instruments

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Projects invited to submit a full proposal by challenge

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Challenge 1 – Efficient resource management and adaptation to climate change

Challenge 2 – Clean, secure and efficient energy

Challenge 3 – Industrial renewal

Challenge 4 – Life, health and well-being

Challenge 5 – Food security and demographic challenges

Challenge 6 – Sustainable mobility and urban systems

Challenge 7 – Information and communication society

Challenge 8 – Innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies

Challenge 9 – Freedom and security of Europe, its citizens and its residents

Other-knowledge Challenge