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Projects and ResultsWork Programme 2016“Building the European Research Area (ERA) and France's International Attractiveness”

“Building the European Research Area (ERA) and France's International Attractiveness” component

In order to increase the influence and attractiveness of French research and contribute to the construction of the European Research Area (ERA), ANR makes specific funding instruments available to researchers. These actions give precision to and complement those carried out under the European Commission's "Horizon 2020" funding programme. They encourage the development of high-level international research partnerships, helping French teams assume leadership roles in European and international programmes.

  • To simplify and strengthen researchers' bilateral partnerships, "International Collaborative Research Projects" (PRCI) are included in the generic call for proposals. This instrument is underpinned by agreements concluded between ANR and a sister agency in another country.


  • To help simplify and strengthen international research partnerships on targeted themes and disciplines, ANR launches specific calls in European and international frameworks: bilateral and multilateral calls in the framework of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs), FP7 (ERA-NETs and ERA-NET+ for instance) and Horizon 2020 (e.g. ERA-NETs Cofund) – as well as within the framework of other multinational actions revolving around global challenges (the Belmont Forum).


  • In order to strengthen the position and influence of French research in European and international spheres, the instrument "Setting up European or international scientific networks" (MRSEI) is subject to a specific call for proposals.