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Projects and ResultsWork Programme 2016“At the Frontiers of Research”

“At the Frontiers of Research” component

The goal of this challenge is to give all scientific communities the opportunity to submit projects not falling within the scope of the nine societal challenges. The aim of the component is to foster prospective or exploratory research with the potential to expand the frontiers of knowledge beyond that related to major societal challenges.

  • The component is subject to an additional challenge in the generic call: the “Other-knowledge challenge”. The funding instruments usable for this challenge are the same as those for the "Major societal challenges" (Collaborative Research Projects - PRC, Collaborative Research Projects involving Enterprises - PRCE, International Collaborative Research Projects - PRCI and young researchers - JCJC).
  • "At the frontiers of research" comprises an additional instrument known as the "OH Risk programme" fostering the emergence of high-risk scientific projects.  This instrument is subject to a specific call for proposals.