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Generic call for proposals 2014 – Latest news

In 2013, ANR reinvented - in just a few months - its way of working for the scientific community. Judicious simplification of procedures, greater clarity of the funding offering and saving time for the scientific communities are the guiding principles of this reform. To clarify its funding offering, the majority of the calls for proposals are now brought together within a generic call for proposals. A two-stage selection process has been implemented in that context. As an outcome of this new process, the projects selected for each societal challenge and the "all-knowledge" challenge are now online. Those results will be completed in a second phase by the publication of the results related to the international projects submitted under bilateral agreements and the projects submitted under the "research networks" instrument.

At this stage, 711 projects are now selected and will be funded by ANR under the generic call for proposals of Work Programme 2014. Here is the distribution:

  • Efficient resource management and adaptation to climate change: 52
  • Clean, secure and efficient energy: 48
  • Industrial renewal: 84
  • Health and well-being: 236
  • Food security and demographic challenges: 36
  • Mobility and sustainable urban systems: 22
  • The information and communication society:105
  • Innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies: 35
  • Freedom and security of Europe, its citizens and its residents: 11
  • All-knowledge challenge: 82

Consult the lists of selected projects (in French only)