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In order to enrich its portfolio of thematic programmes with the most strategic considerations, the ANR implements a continuous foresight and programme planning process in which it consults the widest possible range of national and international stakeholders.

Consulting the scientific community each year on the future needs in both fundamental and applied research is one of the agency’s priorities. The ANR’s goal is to identify themes which can respond not only to societal, environmental and economic needs, but also to technological and scientific challenges, through a broad consultation process.


The annual programme planning process is the result of multiple inputs, including feedback from the previous or ongoing programme follow-up and assessment process.

ANR Foresight Council

The ANR Foresight Council was created in February 2008 and consists of a restricted number of members from a range of sectors with experience in foresight and planning. The council's objective is to provide a continuous set of guidelines for strategic positioning on the international research and development scene. The council listens to expert testimonies and examines future prospective reports submitted by ANR Strategy and Planning Boards as well as by the Foresight Workshops. The opinions produced by the Foresight Council Board help determine the content of ANR programmes over the long term. The foresight council meets tri-annually.

Chair: Philippe de Boissieu

Members: Philippe Aghion, Thierry Chambolle, Jean Marc Egly, Thierry Gaudin, Jean-Claude Lehmann, Jean-François Minster, Pierre Veltz, Jean Weissenbach.

ANR Strategy and Planning Boards (Comités Scientifiques Sectoriels)

ANR’s scientific strategy relies on 8 Strategy and Planning Boards (CSS - Comités scientifiques sectoriels) involving a total of 201 scientists. Board members are well-known figures in their field and represent all of the major scientific communities (universities, research organisations, industry, and civil society). Public administrators participate as well. These boards play a key role in defining ANR programme planning through reflection on new programmes, permanent guidance on calls for proposals, or decisions to terminate programmes. Their reflection is enriched by considering all proposals on new programmes stemming from research stakeholders through a consultation by letter, as well as advice from the ANR Foresight Council, existing foresight studies, assessments of previous calls, information on the international research scene and the results of Foresight Workshops.

The Strategy and Planning Boards are invaluable as crossroads for discussion on strategies, in particular between private and public sector research.

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ANR Foresight Workshops (ARP)

The Foresight Workshops are independent from the calls for proposals and ultimately designed to contribute to the defining of future ANR programmes. For this purpose, they bring together groups of researchers, experts and representatives from the public and private sectors to identify R&D needs in emerging or transformative scientific area.

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International Advisory Panels

Established in 2008, the Advisory Panels consist of prominent international scientific figures, with a majority of Europeans among their members. Each Panel, working in its specific field of competence, delivers a biennial report on the adequacy of ANR programmes and procedures and produces recommendations for future orientations. Standing at the crossroads of the programme planning and assessment processes, the international advisory  panels’ reports are one of several inputs leading to the ANR annual programmes plan.