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Panels and Committees

The evaluation is organised according to the societal challenges. Three bodies are involved in the process. Cross-cutting governance allows the exchange of information, particularly through a college of the chairmen of these bodies. In accordance with the international standards for research project selection, ANR calls extensively upon foreign researchers to constitute its panels and committees and to perform peer reviews. It also ensures that none of the persons involved in the selection of a project has a conflict of interest. All the persons involved in the selection process undertake to comply with the provisions of the ANR code of ethics.

Pre-proposal Evaluation Panels

The Pre-proposal Evaluation Panels (CEP in French) are responsible for evaluating the pre-proposals. The panels are made up of experienced personalities who have a broad view of the societal challenge concerned. Each member of the panel is given 15 to 30 pre-proposals to examine. Each pre-proposal is rated by at least 3 different members.

Scientific Challenge Steering Committees

A Scientific Challenge Steering Committee (CPSD in French) is set up for each societal challenge. Each Committee is made up of about 20 to 30 members representative of the scope of the challenge, comprising strategic-level experts, representatives of national thematic Alliances, international experts, representatives of the industry, institutional representatives (ministries, agencies). The Scientific Challenge Steering Committee is responsible for the pre-selection. It makes recommendations on the ANR’s Work Programme each year, particularly concerning developments of the funding instruments and their appropriateness for the objectives of the challenge. They work in particular on the basis of a pre-proposal mapping provided by ANR. It validates the pre-selection proposed by the Pre-proposal Evaluation Panels.

Scientific Evaluation Panels

The evaluation process of the second stage is fairly similar to the selection process previously implemented by ANR. The Scientific Evaluation Panels (CES in French) have been set up according to broad disciplinary fields. A Panel comprises about 35 scientific personalities from the communities concerned and includes a large number of members from the Pre-proposal Evaluation Panels. The role of the Scientific Evaluation Panel is to designate external peer reviewers. It evaluates and ranks the full proposals following a protocol that is analogous to the previous process.


The final selection is decided by ANR General Management on the basis of the ranking proposed by the Scientific Evaluation Panels.