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Transnational joint call for collaborative research proposals on food security, sustainable agriculture and aquaculture (LEAP-Agri)

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

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ANR has teamed up with the ERA NET Cofund LEAP-Agri to launch a joint transnational call for proposals in order to fund research projects in food security and sustainable agriculture for Africa. The objective is to fund innovative research in order to contribute to food security in Africa, more specifically by promoting sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, better understanding of interactions between health, food and nutrition, and analyzing access to food in line with trade aspects. LEAP-Agri should hit upon several societal challenges and Horizon 2020 themes, in relation with the sustainable development goals.

An estimated total amount up to € 27,6 million has been allocated by funding partners – including the EC expected contribution – to this Call.  24 partners from 18 countries, from Europe and associated countries (Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, The Netherland, Turkey), from Africa (Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda) and an international organization (CIHEAM) are contributing to the Call.

Funding will be awarded for three years maximum. Only transnational projects will be funded: each consortium must therefore include at least four teams from at least four different countries – two African and two European - participating in the call. Complementary, associated partners from other countries non part of the LEAP-Agri consortium could join these project, but with their own funding. Each agency will fund the teams from its own country; therefore, the candidates must ensure that they comply with their respective agencies’ rules of eligibility.

ANR will therefore only be funding the French teams, based on ANR regulation for funding (  Project submission and selection shall take place as an integrated peer evaluation process with the other countries. AFD (French Agency for development) could fund African teams based on their own AFD eligibility criteria. 

Project submission and selection shall take place as an integrated peer evaluation process with the other countries

General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

The project must be submitted by the coordinating partner in electronic form on the website accessible through, before the deadline.


Bernard Mallet

Release date of the call: Thursday 16 March 2017

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals: Thursday 15 June 2017 14:00

Deadline for submission of proposals: Friday 15 December 2017 14:00