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Blanc Programme

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

The aim of the Blanc programme is to provide a significant stimulus to ambitious scientific and technological projects that are competitive on an international level, are highly original and break away from traditional research paths.

Researchers from all disciplines can submit a project on any topic they choose. It is open to all types of research: fundamental and applied, as well as to partnerships with industry.

ANR funding of a project selected under this call for proposals shall be key to the success of the project, and clearly aim at enhancing the international competitiveness of French scientific research in the sector concerned.

The titles of the Evaluation Panels for the Blanc Programme and the list of key words associated with each panel are given in an appendix to the call for proposals. This information will enable the project coordinators to identify the panel in charge of their scientific theme.

General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

The files must be submitted online on the submission web site.

The complete submission file comprises two documents that must be filled out:

The "administrative and financial document" is automatically generated by the submission site after completing the requested data online.

The "scientific document" is the scientific and technical description of the project. The document template is available in Word format (*.doc) on the ANR web site on the page dedicated to the call for proposals. Once completed, this document is to be uploaded to the submission web site. The document must not exceed 30 pages in the layout and typography provided by the ANR.




 Evaluation Panel - Title

 Scientific officer

 Scientific director

SHS 1 – Societies, space, organisations and markets

Hélène Martin-Brelot
Tel.: +33 (0)

Jean-Claude Rabier

SHS 2 – Human development and cognition, language and communicatio

Dorothée Fillet
Tel.: +33 (0)

Edouard Gentaz

SHS 3 – Cultures, arts, civilisations

Laurence Guyard
Tel.: +33 (0)

 Pascal Arnaud



 Evaluation Panel - Title

 Scientific officer

Scientific  director

SIMI 1 – Mathematics and interactions

Olivia Breysse
Tel.: +33 (0)

Mohamed Amara

SIMI 2 – Computer science and applications

Olivier Coucharière
Tel.: +33 (0)

Olivier Roux

SIMI 3 – Materials and softwares for systems and communications

Manuel Sabban
Tel.: +33 (0)

Wilfrid Perruquetti

SIMI 4 Condensed matter physics, Atomic & Molecular physics, Optics

Alexis Quentin
Tel.: +33 (0)

Denis Jeandel

SIMI 5 – Subatomic Physics and related theories, astrophysics, astronomy and planetology

Konstantin Grigoriev
Tél :

Patrick Monfray

SIMI 6 – Earth system, environment, risks

Tamara Salameh-Moukarzel
Tel.: +33 (0)

Patrick Monfray

SIMI 7 – Molecular, organic, coordination chemistry, catalysis and biological chemistry

Marie-Paule Ballet
Tel.: +33 (0)

Patrick Pale

SIMI 8 – Solid-state chemistry, colloïds, physicochemistry

Eric Pinel
Tel.: +33 (0)

Monique Mauzac

SIMI 9 – Engineering science

Emilie Klecha
Tel.: +33 (0)
et Kian Jafari
Tel.: +33(0) 

Dominique Gobin

SIMI 10 – Nanosciences

Nazaré Pereira
Tel.: +33 (0) 

Pascal Royer




 Evaluation Panel - Title

 Scientific officer

 Scientific director

SVSE 1 – Physiopathology, physiology, public health

Vincent Rouet
Tel.: +33 (0)

Frédéric Jaisser

SVSE 2 – Cell biology, development biology

Angela Samaan
Tel.: +33 (0) 

Bruno Goud

SVSE 3 – Microbiology, immunology, infectiology

Céline Vidal
Tel.: +33 (0)

Antoine Toubert

SVSE 4 – Neurosciences

Delphine Callu
Tel.: +33 (0)

Bernard Zalc

SVSE 5 – Physics, Life chemistry and biotechnological innovations

Julien Desclés
Tel.: +33 (0)

Vincent Croquette

SVSE 6 – Genomics, genetics, bioinformatics, systems biology

Maud Poitrasson-Rivière
Tel.: +33 (0)

Isabelle Hippolyte

SVSE 7 – Biodiversity, evolution,  ecology and agronomy

Mathieu Rauch
Tel.: +33 (0)

Philippe Normand

SVSE 8 – Biochemistry, molecular and structural biology

Florence Guibal
Martine Batoux
Tel.: +33 (0)

Christiane Branlant


SHS: Social sciences and humanities
SIMI: Information, materials and engineering science
SVSE: Life sciences, health and ecosystems

Release date of the call: Wednesday 19 October 2011

Deadline for submission of proposals: Thursday 5 January 2012 13:00