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2013 and previous editions

ADHOC – Haptic device for machining tool path computation on multi-axes machine tool and robot

ALUARMé – Development and characterization of materials like aluminum architected - iron for their industrialization

ANAKIN (Anti-NAd-Kinase) – New antibacterial compounds targeting NAD kinase

AP’ONCALYPSE – Validation of an « immune signature » predicting a therapeutic response to anthracyclines in breast cancer.

b-ACTIPROD – beta-CN(94-123), a bioactive peptide from fermented milks strengthening intestinal protection: Promising new treatments for intestinal diseases

BOROCAT – Catalytic preparation of aryl and allylboronic derivatives

CALDIRO – Self-mixing displacement sensor

Cardioprotection – Development of new cardioprotective drugs

CONFOC-AO – Adaptive Optics for Confocal Microscopy

CONNEQT – distributed clock synChrONization for future loNg distancE Quantum crypTography

COPDETOX – Copper chelators targeted at the liver: a innovative treatment of hepatic copper overload

CORNiPS – Production of cornea from pluripotent stem cells: novel cellular model for drug screening and toxicology and potential for cell therapy.

CURRENT – Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis by Targeting Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress

DELMONO – Monolithic white LED for solid state lighting

EASEA-CLOUD – EASEA Massively Parallel Platform for Cloud Computing

EEG-PVI – Toward brain-ventilator interface: electroencephalographical recording to assess patient-ventilator interaction in humans

ELECNANOPRINT – ELECtrical NANO-imPRINT for the industrial fabrication of nanoparticle-based sensors

ENCOD – Emergence of New Concept On Depression

FAMOµS – Fabrication of Amorphous Metal Objects of µSize

FAST-STEP – Advanced fail-safe devices and power electronic circuits for critical applications.

Froiloc-C – Reinforcement and enhanced validation of the FROILOC technology (localised cold ultraclean atmosphere)

GIFAD-II – Fast Atom Diffraction applied to real time monitoring of epitaxial growth

HEPATIBIVAX – Development of a bivalent vaccine against hepatitis B and C viruses

HydroPEM – Low-cost Hydrogen Generator based on Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Technology

IGF-TRAP – Development of mini-IGFBP-3 (EP 11 305 197.3 24): Preclinical Proof of concept of its in vivo anti tumor activity

IMHICE – Inhibition of Mucus Hypersecretion In COPD Exacerbation

Mott-RAM – Towards the first demonstator for a new non-volatile memory class based on Mott insulator AM4X8

MyMeSys – High Performances Embedded Measurement Systems for multiDegrees of Freedom Microsystems

Nano-DSC – Nano-DSC: Differential scanning nanocalorimetry for life sciences and nanosciences applications

OCT-LLIFTS – Integrated optic Static OCT based on LLIFTS

OptiChaux – Blend optimization and reagent consumption reduction: development of a pre-industrial prototype based on twin-screw extruder principle for sewage sludge liming

PDE6-ß – Establishment of innovative and proprietary methods for the manufacturing and quality control testing of a clinical grade gene therapy vector for the treatment of patients affected with a pigmented retinopathy secondary to a mutation in the pde6ß gene

PHOSTNT – Biomarkers of left ventricular remodeling after myocardial post-infarction and heart failure

PIGMELICH – Validation of lichen derivatives as pro-pigmenting skin compounds

PROJANUS – Production process of dissymmetric particles using bipolar electrochemistry

PROTHERMOVERRE – Design and realization of a pilot for the control of glass thermo-forming process.

QUINOLAC – Chemical and biological optimization and synthesis of novel heterocyclic 4-amino quinoline-gamma-lactam structures as antimalarials. From «hit» to a potential «lead».

RealFluids – RealFluids

SApHIRE – A new pH sensor for water resource

SexTil – Development of two precocious sexing tests for tilapia to be used by farmers and research laboratories

SIROCO – Probe for compact Near Field Optical Microscope

SMARTVIEW – Fluorescence Microscopy for membrane imaging

SO FAST – All-fibered Optical Sources for Telecommunication Applications

STANWs – Supramolecular TriArylamine NanoWires as metal-like active layers for organic electronics

TCTP-LASOCaP – TCTP inhibition by specific antisense oligonucleotide lipid moiety-modified as a new therapeutic strategy to restore hormone- and chemosensitivity for the treatment of therapy-resistant prostate cancer and other tumours

TeraVision – Design and prototyping of an all-optical teraHertz vision system using Thermal converter

TOXOCAg – Immunoenzymatic assay for the detection of circulatory antigens in the course of infection by Toxoplasma gondii

VICIT – Validation of anti-ICOS antibody as a drug candidate for anti-tumor immunotherapy through neutralisation of regulatory T cell suppressive activity

VideoLaserDoppler – Development of a holographic laser Doppler imaging device for non-invasive and non-ionizing blood microflow screening in real-time.

WaveImplant – Development of a monitoring device of the osseointegration of implants in the osteo-articular system

YourCast – Yourcast : Enjoy personalized broadcasting signage

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