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2013 and previous editions

3D + – Innovative technology for stem cell survival and maintenance in 3D culture

AMADEUS – Study and fabrication of Membrane-electrodes Assembly by plasma Directe deposition on high perfomance electrolyte membrane.

AMALYS – Customized broadhand services for the elder

AMTHYX – Anti-microbial compounds targeting the alternative thymidylate synthase ThyX

ANTIPARK – New neuroprotective and neuroregenerative compounds for Parkinson`s disease

ANTITN – Targeting of the Tn antigen by a specific chimeric monoclonal antibody in ovarian cancer immunotherapy

APANAGE – New line of high density plasmas with extended operating conditions : etching chamber prototype

BIOPLASMOSCOPE – High resolution plasmonic microscopy for cellular imaging

CARBOTHIOLAMINE – Microplate assays and on-line analyzer for the spectrofluorimetric determination of carboxylic, thiol and amine compounds

CARDIF1 – Impact of new protein on the assessment of cardiovascular risk

cDICE – High yield production of monodisperse capsules suspension by continuous droplet interface crossing encapsulation (cDICE) controlled by a centrifugal force

CHEMO-NED – CXC chemokines in neovascular eye disease

CoBiSS – Compact Bidimensional Sampling Spectrometer

CREATIVEPI – Cost-effective composite substRatE for Advanced GaN applicaTIons : DeVEloPment and evaluatIon

DMAT – Thermally Assisted Mechanical Dewatering

EMiRisk – Endothelial Microparticles for Predicting Cardiovascular Risk

Entropy – Towards an energy management solution in data centers

FIR-MED – Infra red fiber sensor for in situ and in vivo biological analysis

FluCure – Novel stategy to fight Influenza as well as pneumonia

Green Lion® – A high power bipolar Li-ion cell for HEV applications

HEPACLAMP – Preparation and in vivo analysis of “mCD4-HS12”, a synthetic glyco-conjugate which inhibits HIV entry.

HY-BIOPACS – HYbrid BIOelectronic endocrine PAnCreas Sensors (Screening and therapy in diabetes)

INNO-THER-RA – Phosphorus-containing dendrimers: innovating molecules for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

InSITUbes – Contactless inspection of tubular inner surfaces

IRMAS – Shape Memory Starchy Resorbable Implant

LabInGlass – Smart Glass Lab on chip devices integrating electronics and nanosensors

LELIE – An intelligent assistant providing risk diagnosis for industrial procedures

LIMINIB – Preclinical analysis of the efficacy of a LIM Kinase inhibitory compound for primary and metastatic cancer chemotherapy

LR17 peptide therapy in sepsis – Preclinical study of a new innovative peptide therapy for a causative treatment of sepsis

LUTINFER – Improvement of assisted reproductive techniques by phospholipase A2: the primate assay.

M-GBFC – Mediator-less Glucose BioFuel Cell

MAGIE.pdf – Integrated 3D magnetometer and its fabrication process

MATRI+ – Validation of porous composite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration in pre-clinical models

MECAGRAPH – MECanical Ablation for GRAPHene production

MPEC – Innovative extraction to crystallization technology of functional membrane proteins in solution

NanoContactPrinter – Nanocontact printing for high resolution patterning

OAKTRACK – DNA traceability of oakwood: species & geographic origin

oculotransferrine – transferrin and ocular therapy

OPTIVAC – Development of a new platform of vectorization of biologically active molecules: application to antigen/adjuvant delivery to dendritic cells for vaccination

PELICAN – Radar Perception Localization and Mapping for Natural areas

PlasmoSC – Optimisation and in vivo validation of a new antimalarial chemotype agent

RHEACTIF – Viscoelastic characterization of industrial fluids using acoustical rheology. Application to cosmetics and concretes.

RUBI-CLOCK – compact atomic clock based on isotropic cooling of rubidium atoms

S-Alive – Substitution for the lack or absence of saliva in patients treated with irradiation for head and neck cancer

SCHISMAL – Redox-active 1,4-naphthoquinones to kill malarial and schistosomal parasites

Sensunique – Optimization of software for high quality technical writing: a pilot application in the field of health.

Traouiero – TRAnslation: OEM-able, Unified, Integratable Environment and Resources for Operationalization

Voltimagmicro – Development and commercialization of optimal microscopes for membrane potential optical recording

WHATBONE – Autologous white adipose tissue withdrawn extemporaneously and biphasic calcium phosphate particles for bone defect reconstruction

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