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Projects and Results2013 and previous editionsInformation and Communication Sciences and TechnologiesBilateral programme for Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS) with the US

2013 and previous editions

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Programme website (NSF):

Informations on the programme

Objectives :

Through the CRCNS programme, participating organizations support collaborative activities that will advance the understanding of nervous system structure and function, mechanisms underlying nervous system disorders, and computational strategies used by the nervous system. In this context, the ANR and the NSF established in 2012 a bilateral agreement; so that collaborative projects between French (biology-health and ICT) and U.S. researchers can be financially supported

Challenges and goals:

Since 2002, the driving principle behind this programme is the recognition that projects crossing traditional academic disciplinary boundaries often brings about increased productivity, creativity, and capacity to tackle major challenges. Collaborative efforts that bring together scientists and engineers with complementary experience and training, and deep understanding of multiple scholarly fields, are a requirement for this programme. This programme emphasizes innovative research and resources, encouraging the application and development of state-of-the-art computational methods by theorists, computational scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians to tackle dynamic and complex neuroscience problems.

Partnership :


ANR’s contribution :

The participation of the ANR in this international program is implemented jointly by the departments Biology & Health and ICT.

The ANR is involved in the management of the joint call for proposals, operated primarily by the NSF (lead agency model). ANR provides input in all steps of the review process and it funds research carried out by French teams selected for funding. It also monitors the progress of the funded projects.

Programme planning: 2012-2013

Funded projects :

2013 The selection of the fundable projects is underway.

Call for proposals 2012/2013 for this programme :

2013 - Call for French-US Projects in Computational Neuroscience

Related Information

ANR-NSF Workshop report

Scientific contacts

Serawit Bruck-Landais (Biology & Health)-

Tél. : +33 (0)1 73 54 81 70

Mathieu Girerd (STIC) -

Tél. : +33 (0)1 73 54 82 13

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