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Projects and Results2013 and previous editionsExploratory and Emerging Research

2013 and previous editions

Exploratory and Emerging Research

Fostering knowledge production and scientific progress in all disciplines is one of the ANR’s scientific priorities. It favours a creative environment for researchers by giving them total freedom to defining research themes through bottom-up non-thematic calls for proposals, thereby paving the way for advances in S&T and innovative developments.

Blue-sky research: supporting curiosity-driven research

The non-thematic instruments cater for the scientific community as a whole and accompany the researchers in different stages of their career (young researchers, post-doctoral  positions, experienced researchers, etc.). The only rationale that prevails is the acknowledgement of excellence and the support given to innovative or interdisciplinary approaches in order to open new paths in research and thus push back the frontiers of knowledge. The projects financed thus foreshadow striking scientific discoveries.
ANR’s bottom-up programmes are:

  • Blanc programme, and its international component
  • Young researchers programme
  • Post-doctoral return programme
  • Chairs of Excellence programme