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2013 and previous editions

Environment and Biological Resources

The global change of the climate and environment and the intensive use of biological, continental and marine resources, due to the development of human societies, necessitate a renewal of scientific questioning. Innovative research approaches, whether integrated or cross-disciplinary, are developed to contribute to sustainable development.
The Environment and Biological Resources Department currently tracks more than 600 ongoing funded projects (out of more than 1,000 funded under these themes since the ANR was created in 2005).

Research programmes

The major themese are:

Progressing in knowledge of the living world

  • Knowing and understanding the adaptation mechanisms: BIOADAPT programme  - "Adaptation: from genes to populations. Genetics and biology of adaptation to stresses and disturbances"
  • Plant genomics: PLANT-KBBE programme - "PLant Alliance for Novel Technologies - towards implementing the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy in Europe"
  • Sustainable food production: ALID - "Sustainable Food Systems", ERA-NET SUSFOOD - "Sustainable food production and consumption"

Better understanding and management of the environmental urgency, from climate to ecosystems

  • Natural hazards
  • Contaminants, environments and health: CESA
  • Biodiversity and eco-systemic services: BIODIVERSA, NET-BIOME
  • Agricultural and fishery resources: AGROBIOSPHERE, ERA-NET ICT-AGRI, ERA-NET RURAGRI
  • Global change and societies: SOC&ENV, IGFA-BELMONT, JPI FACCE, JPI Climate 
  • Integrated approach to the Mediterranean region: TRANSMED, ERA-NET ARIMNET, SEASERA 


Developing ecotechnologies and ecodesign

  • Sustainable cities and buildings: VBD
  • Technologies and services for the environment: ECO-TS, ERA-NET ECO-INNOVERA