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2013 and previous editions

Those programmes are situated at the crossroads of basic research in several scientific disciplines (chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, materials sciences, process engineering, nanosciences/nanotechnologies, social sciences and humanities, etc.) and industrial applications.

These are essentially partnership programmes, benefiting from the financial support of the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency), and they help ensure the competitiveness of cutting-edge industries and the maintaining of employment through the development of industrial processes that aim to foster an economy that is respectful of the environment and delivers high-performance products and services. The strongly cross-cutting nature of these programmes allows the addressing of major societal issues, such as sustainable development and resource management, transport, communications, health and safety.

The upstream research supported by the CD2I "Sustainable chemistry – Industries – Innovation", MatetPro "Materials and Processes for High Performance Products" and P2N "Nanotechnologies and Nanosystems" programmes concerns more particularly the sectors of chemistry, transport including aeronautics, materials and microelectronics. The CD2I programme thus targets the development of high-performance chemical processes with a reduced environmental footprint. Strongly oriented towards the "materials" aspects and the associated processes (composites and mass-production materials, improvement in performance, durability, life cycle and recycling), the MatetPro programme supports research to support manufacturing industries. The programme is supplemented by an M-ERA.NET call for proposals (European network) targeting research with a strong upstream nature on materials engineering by digital modelling (first edition end of 2012). The P2N programme on nanotechnologies is highly cross-cutting, with research fields oriented towards applications in electronics, ICTs, biology-health and - to a lesser extent - energy. An integrative line of research into nanosystems is dedicated to the funding of more complex projects aiming to produce functional demonstrators.

Moreover, ANR contributes to the creation of a research community into global security and supports the development of a security industry. In this context, the CSOSG "Concepts, Systems and Tools for the Global Security" programme includes themes on the fight against cyber criminality, crisis management and protection of citizens, infrastructures and networks and a "cross-cutting" theme favouring upstream research in the domain of security. The ASTRID programme, financed entirely by the DGA, has received a large number of proposals, confirming the relevance of the programme to stimulate new lines of research on scientific themes oriented towards dual civil-defence applications.