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2013 and previous editions

Biology and Health

The ANR is the primary source of project-based funding in France for research projects in biology and biomedical disciplines. The calls for proposals published by ANR cover all the research themes in these areas, with the exception of research into cancer which is responsibility of the National Cancer Institute (INCa), research into AIDS and viral hepatitis which are the responsibility of the National AIDS Research Agency (ANRS), and clinical studies eligible for funding by the Clinical Research Hospital Programme (PHRC).

ANR proposes various instruments to support projects relating to fundamental biology, biomedical research, the development of investigation tools and value-creating processes. These aspects are taken into account in all the programmes, but to different extents depending on the nature and aims of the programme. Schematically, the non-finalised research projects in fundamental biology are submitted in priority to the non-thematic programmes (Blanc Programme and Young Researchers Programme); the projects concerning the determinants and physiopathology of diseases or investigation tools are submitted equally well to the non-thematic programmes as to the dedicated national or international thematic programmes. The projects intended to favour value creation or technology transfer are submitted to the Emergence Programme or the specific programmes designed to encourage partnership research between academic and corporate teams in the areas of Technologies for Health (TecSan) or Biotechnologies (RPIB).

The Biology-Health Department keeps track of over 500 projects funded in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Research programmes

  • Biomedical Innovation in public-private research partnership (RPIB)
  • Technologies for Health (TecSan)
  • Alzheimer's disease (MALZ)
  • Mental Health and Addictions (SAMENTA)
  • Social Determinants of Health (DSS)
  • Translational Research in Health (PRTS)

Transnational programmes:

ERA-NET NEURON II – Neurosciences
ERA-NET E-RARE 2 – Rare diseases
ERA-NET ANIHWA (continuation of EMIDA) – Animal health and well-being
ERA-NET SIINN  – Security and toxicology of nanoscience and nanotechnology
AAL Article 185 – Ambient assisted living (AAL 185)
French-Californian programme – Fundamental research on stem cells
ERA-NET ERASynBio – Synthetic biology
JPND – JPI on neurodegenerative diseases
ERA-NET EuroNanoMed II - Nanomedicine
ERA-NET Infect-ERA (continuation of PathoGenoMics) – Infectious diseases
Epigenomics: Bilateral research programme on human epigenomics with Germany (BMBF)
JPI-AMR – JPI on anti-microbial resistance
French-US programme - Collaborative research on computational neuroscience (CRCNS)