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Translational Research in Health (PRTS)

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

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The French National Research Agency (ANR), and the General directorate for healthcare provision (DGOS - Ministry of social affairs and health), are jointly launching a call to support translational research for applications in health: PRTS.

PRTS will fund studies downstream of exploratory research supported by the ANR and upstream of clinical research supported by the DGOS.

The main goal of the PRTS programme is to promote and support collaborative projects at the interface between basic and clinical research. The results of the funded projects will generate hypotheses to be tested in clinical trials.

Other aims are:

  • Stimulate and accelerate the transfer of information from cognitive research to its application (bench to bedside);
  • Stimulate and accelerate the transfer of information from health facilities to research laboratories (bed to bench side);
  • Promote research activities aiming for the clinical validation of a concept and /or a strategy of investigation or treatment, based on the outcome of exploratory research;
  • Disseminate results of research supported by this programme;
  • Provide the means to consider the constraints of human investigation at the earliest stages of research in order to better manage the risk of failure.

This programme should eventually contribute to improve patient health care.

This call for proposals is open to all biological and medical fields. However, research on cancer, VHB/C and AIDS will not be considered in this call as they benefit from INCa and ANRS supports, respectively.

General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

Contact information and more details on the programme can be found on the webpage dedicated to the PRTS programme.

Release date of the call: Friday 1 February 2013

Deadline for submission of proposals: Tuesday 16 April 2013 13:00