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Technologies for health and autonomy - TecSan

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

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The ANR, together with the Caisse Nationale de la Solidarité pour l'Autonomie (CNSA) and the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), launches a call for proposals in the domain of "Technologies for Health and Autonomy".

This call aims to promote research projects proposing innovative concepts and technological breakthroughs in the domain of health and autonomy. This call also intends to support excellence in research laboratories and to strengthen expertise and competitiveness of enterprises through public/private partnerships.

Thematic priorities are:


1. Development of technologies resulting in major technological breakthrough

  • Instrumentation and biocaptors
  • Medical imagery
  • Computer-aided medical and chirurgical interventions
  • Biomaterials and tissue engineering
  • Implantable medical devices

2. E-health : medical information processing and telehealth

  • Data engineering and modelling
  • Research and innovation in telehealth to promote exchange of information and remote intervention
  • Innovative ICT-based solution for health

3. The development of innovative technologies and services for loss of autonomy, rehabilitation, compensation or replacement of functional impairment, and restoration of autonomy in general.


The French National Research Agency and the National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC) have agreed to promote collaborations between French and Taiwanese scientific teams on topics of the TecSan call for proposals. More information on this cooperation are available on the appendix concerning the conditions of submission, evaluation and selection of Franco-Taiwanese projects (see below). 


General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

Contact details and more information on the programme can be found on the webpage dedicated to the TecSan programme.

Release date of the call: Friday 14 December 2012

Deadline for submission of proposals: Thursday 28 February 2013 13:00