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Industrial Chairs

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

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The programme aims at accompanying research projects jointly led by public research institutions and enterprises. It encourages the integration of eminent French (expatriated or not) or foreign professors into higher education and research institutions, or research organisations, and reinforcing the best initiatives developed in French higher education and research. The programme implies establishing a strong and lasting partnership between the research institution and enterprises in a high priority and strategic area for the parties concerned. The aim is to provide more effective support to industrial research in all areas. The industrial chairs’ objective is firstly to perform fundamental and applied research, and secondly to ensure training through high-level research.

Researchers from all disciplines can submit a project on any topic they choose.

General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

Proposals must be submitted by the host institution, in close cooperation with enterprises that co-fund the industrial chair.

Letters of commitment for enterprise and the host institution must be scanned and attached to the financial and administrative document and are to be uploaded to the submission web site.

Click here for more information on the programme and details on the scientific and administrative contacts.

Release date of the call: Wednesday 21 November 2012

Deadline for submission of proposals: Thursday 31 January 2013 13:00