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Blanc Programme

This call for proposals is now closed. You can view all open calls for proposals by clicking here.

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The aim of the ANR Blanc programme is to give significant impetus to ambitious scientific projects that are well positioned in international competition, have original objectives and break away from traditional research paths.

The programme is open to all scientific disciplines and to all types of research, whether highly academic or conducted with private partners in a public-private partnership. The research proposed in the framework of this programme is totally free and without specific conditions regarding the nature and subject of the project.

ANR funding of a project selected under this call for proposals shall be key to the success of the project, and clearly aimed at enhancing the international competitiveness of French scientific research in the sector concerned.

The 2013 Blanc call for proposals in open to all research fields. Any research project, from basic to innovative applied research, enters the framework of this call for proposals. It is open to proposals of basic research, industrial research and experimental development.

ANR has concluded specific cooperation agreements with the following foreign funding agencies in order to encourage cooperation between French and foreign research teams:

  • Austria, FWF (open to all research fields)
  • Brazil, FACEPE (open to the following research fields: Global environmental changes, Earth sciences, Microbiology, Immunology, Infectiology)
  • Brazil, FAPESP (open to the following research fields: Global environmental changes, Earth sciences, Microbiology, Immunology, Infectiology)
  • China, NSFC (open to the following research field: Infectious diseases)
  • Germany, DFG (open to the following research fields: Sciences of information, matter and engineering, Sciences of life, health and ecosystems)
  • Hong Kong, RGC (open to all research fields)
  • India, DST (open to the following research fields: Engineering, Infectious diseases)
  • Luxembourg, FNR (open to all research fields)
  • Portugal, FCT (open to the following research fields: Life sciences, Social sciences and humanities)
  • Romania, ANCS (open to all research fields)
  • Taiwan, NSC (open to all research fields)
  • United States, NSF (open to the following research fields: Chemistry (ICC), Materials (MWN))

The specificities of this call for proposals for international cooperation are detailed in the appendices "Conditions of submission, evaluation and selection of transnational projects", available below.

The names of the 21 evaluation panels of the 2013 Blanc call for proposals and the disciplines relative to each of these panels are listed in an appendix "Disciplines", available below. This information will allow identification of the panel concerned by the discipline of the proposal.

General information

Attention: the contact details mentioned below may not be valid as of today. In order to find the adequate contact details, please consult the "departments" section.

Contact information and more details on the programme can be found on the webpage dedicated to the Blanc programme.

Release date of the call: Thursday 15 November 2012

Deadline for submission of proposals: Thursday 17 January 2013 13:00