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20/07/2012 Research and Science, Highlights

Launching of the first joint transnational call for proposals in the framework of the ERA-NET RURAGRI

The ERA-NET RURAGRI "Transnational research linking agricultural, rural and sustainable development aspects" will open in September 2012 its first joint transnational call for proposals. RURAGRI aims to improve coordination between on-going and future European, national and regional research programmes dealing with the new relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe and the challenge of sustainability.

12/07/2012 News

Banana genome is sequenced: a major scientific breakthrough

Cirad and Genoscope have just achieved the complete sequencing of the banana genome, with the financial support of the ANR. This constitutes a major scientific progress in the understanding of the genetics and breeding of this species.

11/06/2012 Fundings

CHIST-ERA ERA-Net: Call 2012 Topics

CHIST-ERA stands for European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA-Net. This is a co-operation activity of national research funding organisations in Europe and supported by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme. The partner organisations identify emergent scientific fields in ICST and launch each year a transnational call for research proposals allowing European researchers to engage in high risk, high impact projects that will bring some advance in science. In the Call 2012, two new and hot topics are addressed: "Intelligent User Interfaces" and "User-driven, Context- and Content-aware, Communication Networks".

04/06/2012 Fundings, ANR

The ANR participates in the first global summit on merit review in the USA

On May 14-15, 2012, the ANR participated in the first « Global Summit on Merit Review » hosted by the National Science Foundation in Arlington, USA. The summit gathered heads of research councils from about 50 countries members from G20 and OECD. For the first time the heads of the world’s major research funding agencies from developed and developing countries have met to explore new methods to strengthen international cooperation.

03/05/2012 ANR, Highlights

Visit of a Taiwanese delegation from the National Science Council (NSC) to ANR

On Friday 20th April, 2012, a delegation from the National Science Council of Taiwan led by Deputy Minister Dr. Cheng-Hong Chen visited the French National Research Agency (ANR). The meeting was held in the presence of Dr. Pascal Briand, Director General of ANR. The excellent relationship between ANR and NSC was highlighted; they have co-funded 33 French-Taiwanese collaborative projects since the beginning of the collaboration in 2007.

11/04/2012 Conferences and events, Research and Science

French-Japanese joint review workshop in ICT in Kobe

The French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) launched together a call for proposals in 2010 in the field of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies and their usages. In this framework, they co-financed 4 large-scale French-Japanese projects. Two years after the launching of the programme, the ANR and the JST organized on March 13-14, 2012 in Kobe, Japan, a mid-term review workshop for the funded projects. The event gathered more than 80 French and Japanese academic and industrial participants around broad topics such as security evaluation, wireless communication with Terahertz, the exposure of wireless network on fetus and high performance computing. The workshop participants were invited to visit the K computer, one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers which can reach up to 10,51 petaFLOPS.

10/04/2012 ANR

Visit by the new president of the Japan Science and Technology Agency to ANR

The new President of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Dr. Michiharu Nakamura, made his introductory visit to the French National Research Agency on Thursday 20th March 2012. The importance of the ANR-JST collaboration was reiterated during the visit, as shown in particular by the success of the joint calls for proposals launched in the field of Information and communication science and technology as well as by the Flash call for proposals launched in 2011 following the earthquake in Fukushima. No Franco-Japanese call will be launched in the framework of ANR’s 2012 programme planning, however several collaboration tracks were envisaged to relaunch ANR-JST collaboration in 2013: staff exchange in order to compare the operating mode of both agencies; and the launching of at least one annual call for proposals in one of the three identified fields of common interest: green innovation and energy; life science; and ICT and their usages.

05/04/2012 Fundings

The first ERA-Net SEASERA joint call for transnational proposals in the Atlantic sea and Mediterranean regions is now open

The ANR joins six partner European countries to launch a joint call for transnational proposals in the Atlantic sea and Mediterranean regions in the three following topics: Ecosystem approach and ecosystem models for the North Atlantic Ocean; Risk assessment of invasive alien species - changes in marine biodiversity; Development of indicators and science support and management tools for the determination of Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea.

04/04/2012 ANR

Visit of a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the ANR

On Thursday 15th March, 2012, a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), headed by the Director General of International Cooperation, Mr Lu Yonglong, met Pascal Briand, Director General, and Philippe Freyssinet, Deputy Director General of the French National Research Agency at ANR headquarters. The meeting was an opportunity to introduce the role, the functioning and the organization of the CAS, and for both parties to discuss research themes of common interest.

29/03/2012 Highlights, Fundings

The ANR joins the world’s major research funding bodies to support transnational projects on global change

During the international conference “Planet under Pressure”, the ANR signed on March 28th, 2012, in London, an agreement with 12 of the major research funding bodies in the framework of the Belmont Forum.
The agreement aims at funding international projects between the world’s major and emerging research funders, on the main scientific issues raised by large-scale environmental changes.