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24/04/2015 Europe & International, Funding opportunities

Launching of an international call on the social challenges of extended working life

The French National Research Agency (ANR) is launching, together with partners from ten European countries and Canada, a new call for transnational proposals on extended working life and its interaction with health and well-being. This call comes within the framework of the Joint Programming Initiative “More Years Better Lives” that ANR has joined recently. Deadline for proposal submission: 2nd June 2015.

23/04/2015 Europe & International

The European research community meets in Vienna to discuss innovation and international cooperation

On 13 and 14 April 2015, this year's edition of the annual Science Europe High Level Workshop took place in Austria. The event was attended by representatives of the 52 Science Europe Member Organisations, including the French National Research Agency (ANR), as well as European ministers and the European Commission. Discussions focused on the implementation of the European Research Area.

22/04/2015 Research and Science, Europe & International

Soil resources at the centre of a web of conflicting issues

Soil is the foundation of all human activities, particularly agriculture. But there is a growing need among today's industrial, energy, urban and mining sectors for more space and more primary resources such as water, materials, mineral resources and energy. This places soil resources at the centre of a web of often conflicting issues. International competition has given rise to a host of questions in this area, primarily relating to soil governance and competition for land use but also concerning the potential retroactive effects on climate regulation owing to the key role of soil in the water cycle and in the storage of organic matter, especially carbon. In this context the 68th UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS). On the occasion of the Global Soil Week, spotlight on ANR’s activities related to that issue.

17/04/2015 Funding opportunities

Generic call for proposals 2015: Results of the first evaluation stage

The evaluation of the pre-proposals submitted under ANR's generic call is now finished and has resulted in the selection of 2,614 projects. The coordinators of these projects and those of the 1,278 International Collaborative Research Projects - i.e. a total of 3,892 projects - have been invited to submit a full proposal before 27th April, 13h00 (1 p.m.), Paris time.

15/04/2015 Research and Science

Exhibition - Filming the War: the Soviets and the Holocaust

The political role played by cinema during the Second World War is an acknowledged fact. There is no shortage of research into the productions of Hollywood, Great Britain and France during that period, but our knowledge of Soviet cinema is less well documented. Funded by ANR since 2013, the CINESOV project has set itself the goal of exploring the Soviet cinematographic policy and its implications, both economic and social, in Russia at war (1939-1949). An exhibition entitled "Filming the War – The Soviets and the Holocaust, 1941-1946", currently showing at the Shoah Memorial in Paris until 27th September 2015, fits into this perspective.

09/04/2015 Europe & International, Funding opportunities

Belmont Forum and JPI Climate: launching of an international call on climate services

ANR, in collaboration with partners from twelve countries, has just launched a transnational call for proposals on the role of inter-regional links in climate variability and predictability. This call comes within the framework of a partnership between the Belmont Forum – which brings together the world's main funding agencies around the theme of global environmental changes – and the Joint Programming Initiative on climate (JPI Climate). The deadline for pre-proposal submission is set at 1st June 2015.

01/04/2015 Research and Science

Organ transplants: a marine worm could help to save lives

ANR has been funding the HEMO2Perf project since the beginning of 2012. The key outcome of this work is the possible utilisation of haemoglobin from a marine worm to improve the conservation of organs intended for transplantation.

26/03/2015 Research and Science

SUBGLACIOR: revolutionising paleoclimatology with a new type of probe

Design, build and deploy a new type of in-situ ice-corer probe in the Antarctic in order to record, within a single season, the oldest available data on the earth’s climate sourced from natural ice that formed over a million years ago. These are the goals of the SUBGLACIOR project developed since 2011 and notably supported by the French National Research Agency under the "Blanc" funding programme.

23/03/2015 Funding opportunities, Europe & International

Water research in Europe: ANR coordinates the Water JPI

The European Joint Programming Initiative "Water Challenges for a Changing World" (Water JPI) aims at reinforcing Europe's leadership and competitiveness in the area of water research and innovation, while fostering preservation of the resource. In November 2014 ANR took the chair and coordination responsibility for the JPI. Let's focus on this flagship initiative, the day after the World Water Day 2015.

10/03/2015 Funding opportunities

"Hosting High-Level Researchers" 2015: the call for candidacies is open

ANR has just published the second edition of the "Hosting High-Level Researchers" call. This funding instrument dedicated to individuals and open to all scientific fields enables "junior" or "senior" researchers from any country to carry out an ambitious research project in a reputed institution in France. The ANR funding is designed to help French laboratories fulfil their role as host and researchers to conduct their research. The call closing date is scheduled for 29th May 2015.