The French National Research Agency Projects for science

International cooperationEuropean Research Area

Building the European Research Area is a priority

Strong institutional cooperation

ANR cooperates with the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020, the EC's framework programme for research and development.

It is a member of Science Europe, the European association promoting the collective interests of the research funding and research performing organisations in Europe and a strong contributor to the European Research Area. ANR's CEO, Michael Matlosz, participates in the Governing Board of the association.

Coordination of the FET NCP

To reinforce the participation of French researchers in European projects, the Ministry for Higher Education and Research has set up a new network of "National Contact Points" (NCP). Comprising experts in the European programmes, the NCPs are consortiums tasked with assisting the French project principal investigators in responding to the Horizon 2020 calls for proposals on given themes. ANR has been assigned responsibility for coordinating the "PCN FET" which concerns future and emerging technologies. This falls into the continuity of the coordination activities engaged by ANR within the FLAG-ERA ERA-NET, a European initiative focusing on highly innovative research projects: the European Commission's "FET Flagship" projects.

Active participation in European multilateral programmes

ANR participates, alongside European counterpart agencies, in the calls for proposals launched in the context of the European instruments, such as ERA-NETs, Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) or articles 185.

It is a member of about twenty ERA-NETs, including five as a coordinator:

  • CHIST-ERA, a consortium of 11 research funding organisations in Europe, working on long-term challenges in ICT. CHIST-ERA covers a broad spectrum
  • FLAG-ERA, whose aim is to contribute to the devlopment of the FET Flagships on emerging and future technologies
  • EuroNanoMed 2 focused on nanomedicine, which could have a major impact on the development of individual diagnosis, targeted therapies and could lead to improved treatment monitoring. It gathers 20 partners from 17 countries.
  • INFECT-ERA. Launched at the beginning of 2013, this network of 14 partners aims at funding interdisciplinary research projects focused on the fundamental aspects of the biology of human infectious diseases, one of the leading causes of death in the world.
  • E-Rare-3, which aims at speeding up knowledge for the development of diagnostic and treatment tools for rare diseases, through multidisciplinary and transnational collaborations in Europe and beyond.

The agency is also member of the AAL 185 association dedicated to ambient assisted living. 

It participates in the Trans-Atlantic Platform and the EU-India Platform (Equip) for the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Finally, ANR is a member of eight among ten Joint Programming Initiatives.

ANR in Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs)

JPND on neurodegenerative diseases
JPI FACCE on agriculture, food security and climate change
JPI HDHL on a healthy diet for a healthy life
JPI MYBL More Years, Better Lives
JPI AMR on antimicrobial resistance
JPI-Climate  Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe
JPI-Oceans on healthy and productive seas and oceans
JPI Water Water challenges for a changing world



In biology-health
Infect-ERAERA-NET on Infectious Diseases2013-2016
EuroNanoMed IIEuropean network of transnational collaborative RTD in the field of Nanomedicine2012-2016
SIINNSafe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology2011-2014
ANIHWAAnimal Wealth and Welfare2012-2015
ERASynBioDevelopment and Coordination of Synthetic Biology in the European Research Area2012-2014
ERA-NET Cofund for Research Programmes on Rare diseases2015-2019
Neuron II
Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research2012-2015
In the field of environment
FACCE ERA-NET+Agriculture, Food Security, Climate Change2013-2018
FACCE ERA-NET+Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture2015-2020
COFASPCooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing2013-2017
Biodiversa 3Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity2015-2020
SEAS-ERATowards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes2010-2014
ECO-INNOVERAERA-NET ON ECO-INNOVATION - Boosting eco-innovation through joint cooperation in research and dissemination2010-2014
SUSFOODSustainable Food Production and Consumption2011-2014
On the Mediterranean region
ERA-NET MEDEuro-Mediterranean Cooperation Through ERA-NET Joint Activities and Beyond2013-2017
Arimnet2Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean Region2014-2017
In information and communication sciences and technologies
European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in ICT2011-2015
In the field of materials and engineering
M-ERA.NETERA-NET on research on materials science and engineering, including international cooperation2012-2016
In social sciences and humanities
Heritage+ERA-NET Plus on Cultural Heritage Research2013-2018
On future and emerging technologies
FLAG-ERAFET Flagship ERA-NET2013-2016