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International cooperationInstruments of cooperation

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In all the methods of cooperation offered by the ANR, each country funds its own national teams.

Specific calls for proposals

Joint calls for proposals in which the text of the call is drafted together, as are the submission, evaluation and selection procedures for the research projects. They are used in certain bilateral and multilateral partnerships such as:

  • ERA-NETs, networks of funding agencies and research bodies funded by the European Commission;
  • Article 185 indicating that the EU can participate in research and development programmes undertaken by several member States;
  • Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), cooperation methods between member States aiming to take up societal challenges by jointly implementing research programmes.

Opening national programmes

Bilateral cooperation in which projects are submitted and evaluated in parallel with each agency. The countries then agree on which projects to co-fund.

Lead Agency

A particular method of opening a programme based on mutual transparency and trust, in which a shared project is prepared and submitted to one single agency, which takes charge of peer reviews and evaluating and selecting the projects on behalf of the two countries.

Outside of the scope of the agreements between the ANR and foreign funding agencies, it is possible to submit a project proposal with one or more foreign partner(s) to the generic call for proposals. The foreign partner should provide its own funding and is invited to make clear in the scientific proposal:

  • if the activities are conducted with its own funds,
  • if it has already benefited from current funding for its contribution to the project (amount, payment schedule for the grant requested, type of funder), or
  • if it has applied for national funding to participate in the project by sending the same project proposal to a funding organisation in its own country. In this case, give full details of the funding organisation as well as the name, position, e-mail address, telephone number of the programme manager in his own country.