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International cooperation

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European and international cooperation

ANR’s international policy takes part in the internationalisation of research, of its questions and of the major scientific challenges. Our transnational endeavours aim to increase the excellence, competitiveness, attractiveness, impact and influence of French research throughout the world. Moreover, ANR anchors its action in the European Research Area and has rendered a large part of its Work Programme 2014 consistent with the European strategic agenda

The goal is to join forces and provide concerted answers to global, environmental and social problems, which cannot be dealt with by one single country. They make it easier to pool resources and share the costs of research on the major challenges of knowledge. ANR proposes bilateral and multilateral funding instruments that help to speed up and strengthen the relationships between French researchers and the best teams from other countries.

We also play an active part in European and international research policy, make French research more visible on projects by being part of a variety of European and worldwide governing bodies. ANR is member of the following organisations:

  • Science Europe, European association promoting the collective interests of the research funding and research performing organisations of Europe. Pascale Briand, ANR's Director general, joined Science Europe's governing board in November 2013.
  • the Global Research Council (GRC), permanent but virtual organisation comprised of the heads of science research agencies from around the world
  • G8-HORCs, gathering the Heads of the research councils of the G8 countries
  • the Belmont Forum, the main group of funding agencies for world research that wish to coordinate their work on environmental change, that ANR has co-chaired since 2012

Acting internationally – Facilitating cooperation

ANR supports the development of international research projects as part of its international cooperation policy. Consequently, the French research teams can submit projects involving one or more foreign research teams from any country to the generic call for proposals of ANR. In this case the foreign partners ensure their own funding.

ANR also collaborates with the research funding agencies of other countries in order to remove obstacles to cooperation. It signs agreements that serve to reduce the barriers and facilitate collaboration between teams from different countries. They can concern targeted themes or be open to all the research themes funded by ANR. In this case each agency funds the teams from their respective country. These agreements are implemented in the context of the generic call for proposals or through the launching of specific international calls for proposals.

ANR develops European and international collaborations


Areas of focus

Means and instruments

Building the European Research Area

Be a major and active stakeholder in the joint programming initiatives for major societal issues

Participate in JPIs and ERA-NETs and launch multilateral calls for proposals within those frameworks

Calls for French-German proposals

Take more advantage of the European Research Area instruments

Strengthen the French-German alliance in research

Develop a Euro-Mediterranean Research Area

Speeding up and developing partnerships between French researchers and the best foreign teams

Consolidate the partnerships with the major powers in R&D on key topics chosen together

Have international projects compete with national projects: mutual opening of national programmes

Bilateral and multilateral calls for proposals

Form partnerships with the major countries emerging on the world scientific scene on topics of common interest

Enhance public-private research internationally

Bringing to the fore cross-border teams of excellence and research areas without borders

Conduct and share fundamental research with international teams

Finding a concerted response to major global issues

Promote wide-reaching multilateral initiatives on global issues

Large-scale multilateral calls for proposals such as G8, IGFA/Belmont forum, JPIs

Strengthening the visibility and attractiveness of French research throughout the world

Encourage the ANR and French research to play a bigger part in projects on the global scientific scene

Join and participate in Science Europe, the Global Researcg Council, the G8-HORCs
Co-chair the Belmont Forum

Make France more attractive to researchers

Specifically targeted instruments like Young researchers, Hosting high-level researchers, Industrial chairs