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Workshop on Privacy by Design (PbD)

This workshop is commissioned by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and organized by « Maison des Sciences de l’Homme ».

The aim of this workshop is to examine the principle of "privacy-by-Design" (PbD), which emphasizes the need to take into account the respect for individuals’ privacy and the protection of their data from the very inception of ICTs and security and surveillance technologies as well as social networks.

Indeed, the European Commission has just released two legislative proposals as a result of its comprehensive reform of the Directive 95/46 defining the European rules for the protection of personal data. These new tests emphasize the obligation of the “Data protection by design” approach which foresees the adoption of the "Privacy by Design" (PbD) concept for any product development or service that can process personal data.

  • What does the PbD concept exactly mean?
  • How can it be implemented?
  • What kind of operational experience is available on PbD?
  • What are the socio-economic, ethical and legal implications of the PbD approach?

All the themes will be discussed during a multidisciplinary workshop dedicated to the Privacy by Design approach, with the participation of representatives from the SSH and engineering communities.

The workshop will take place on:

23rd of March 2012, 9h00 - 19h30

Venue: Ponant de Paris (amphithéâtre Sagem) 27 rue Leblanc, Paris 15

This workshop, organized by « Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Â», is commissioned by the French National Research Agency (ANR)


For any further information please contact Mrs Ayse Ceyhan (Director Security-Technology-Society Research Programme MSH) by email at the following address:

Registration request should be sent through an email to the following address, indicating:

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 Workshop's Agenda