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Preliminary announcement : first transnational Call in the field of sustainable crop production

The aim of the Call is to support scientifically excellent transnational research, development and innovation projects that contribute to the improvement of sustainability and resilience of crop production.

The submitted proposals must be multidisciplinary and should address at least one of the following topics:- Enhancement of predictive breeding technologies and development of new genotypes leading to new phenotypes and crop varieties for improvement of plant health, protection, production and resilience- Development and exploitation of novel integrated pest and crop management methods and practices- Improvement of resource-use efficiency of crops and cropping systems- Systemic research on agricultural crops as part of an ecosystem including interactions between plants and other organisms (“the plant as a meta-organism”)The Call is open for both fundamental and applied research. This includes research on basic biological processes relevant for crop improvement.



This SusCrop co-funded Call aims to attract proposals focused on Sustainable Crop Production in order to tackle the societal challenges of the 21st century. To achieve this, funding provided by national and regional programmes of Member States and other countries will be combined with co-funding from the European Commission to launch this joint Call for transnational research projects addressing sustainability and resilience of crop production.

SusCrop aims to connect partners with different but complementary scientific and technological expertise to maximise resources ans share risks, costs and skills.

Total Budget

The indicative total available budget amounts to 17.23 million € (national public funding including EC top-up funding of 4 million€).


The Call will consist of two stages :

1) A submission deadline for pre-proposals of April 4, 2018 (13:00 CEST)

2) A submission deadline for full proposals of August 31, 2018 (13:00 CEST).




2017 Joint Call Funding Partner Organisations : click here

Please note that the information in this table is provisional and subject to change in the official call announcement being published with the call opening.





The administration of the call is being led by the SusCrop Call Office

on behalf of all the funding partners. General enquiries about this call should be addressed to the call office:


Joint projects must have a minimum of three eligible partners applying for funding from a minimum of three different SusCrop partner countries.

Projects should aim to start from March 2019, depending on individual grant negotiations, with the relevant national funding organisation(s). A harmonised start date for each project agreed among all partners within a given consortum is highly recommended.