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Pr Dominique Dunon-Bluteau, PhD, director of the Biology and Health Department at the ANR

Pr Dominique Dunon-Bluteau, PhD, worked for 20 years at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)and CNRS as a group leader in developmental cell biology. In parallel of his scientific activities, he was dean of the Faculty of Biology at UPMC and member of the HCERES (French Agency for evaluation). He became scientific adviser at the French Embassy in Switzerland and then member the Cabinet of Minister of French Higher Education and Research as scientific adviser for Biology and Health. Recently, he was scientific deputy director at Institute of Biology (CNRS) in charge of interdisciplinary research programme implementation. As the head of department, he supervises the involvment of ANR in 3 joint programs (JPI), 10 ERA-NETs and multilateral projects.