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Personalised Medicine : an international Action Plan published

Personalised medicine is an innovative method to treat patients that uses research, data and cutting-edge technology in providing better diagnostics and follow-up. It facilitates more personalised health interventions for citizens and offers tailored therapies and treatments for patients. The full potential of personalised medicine cannot be achieved due to several barriers and challenges. To boost personalised medicine, the International Consortium of Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) has recently published a consensus view on the research and development needed in order to further advance personalised medicine.

The Action Plan lists, 22 research and 8 supporting activities, which have been identified as ‘ready for action’. These span the whole healthcare value chain, from basic to clinical research until market access, and also take into account patient empowerment and sustainability of healthcare systems. ICPerMed regards this Action Plan as a blueprint for a coordinated approach for personalised medicine research and the reasonable implementation of innovative and promising approaches in the health systems.

Among other, the Action Plan will feed into the European Research Area Network for personalized medicine (ERA PerMed), that is actually in preparation and should start end of 2017.

For further information:

The International Consortium of Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) is a recently established platform comprising over 30 European and international members, including ANR. It gathers research and health ministries as well as funding agencies, including the European Commission as observer. The aim of ICPerMed is to boost personalised medicine by an enhanced coordination and alignment of research activities. Since 2013, ANR was highly involved in the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) of PerMed and in the generation of the Strategic Research and Innovation Support Action (SRIA) for personalised medicine. Currently, from France ANR and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research is implicated in ICPerMed. ANR is additionally part of the ICPerMed Coordination and Support Action (ICPerMed Secretariat; CSA; 2016-2020) and the future ERA PerMed.