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Generic call for proposals 2015: the starting signal for the submission of proposals is given

On July 10, 2014, the French National Research Agency (ANR) launched a generic call for proposals for the second consecutive year. This is the main funding opportunity for the financial year 2015. Four types of projects are expected in this framework: Collaborative research projects (PRC), Collaborative research projects involving enterprises (PRCE), Young researchers, and Collaborative international research projects (PRCI). The submission websites are now open.

PRC, PRCE and Young Researcher projects

The evaluation process will proceed in two stages. A 5-page pre-proposal can be submitted as from now through the dedicated submission website. Only the PIs of the pre-proposals selected as the outcome of the first stage will be invited to submit a full proposal.

International PRCI projects

In order to facilitate the international collaborations of researchers, ANR has signed specific bilateral agreements with counterpart agencies abroad. Projects that come under this framework are included in the generic call but are submitted to a specific calendar. Their evaluation will proceed in a single stage. The PIs of the PRCI are required to pre-register  through a dedicated website. These applicants will then be asked to submit a full proposal concurrently with applicants who have opted for the PRC, PRCE or Young researcher instruments and who were selected during stage 1.

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Work Programme and Generic call for proposals 2015

On 26 June 2014, ANR's Governing Board adopted the adopted the Work Programme 2015. This document describes the main elements of the initiatives and calls for proposals issued by the ANR for the financial year 2015. It sets out the research priorities for 2015 and the funding instruments available. It is addressed to all scientific communities and all public or private players involved in French research and in particular SMEs. ANR's Work Programme comes under the framework fixed by the "France Europe 2020" Strategic Agenda and the National research strategy, which are linked to the European research programme, Horizon 2020. It also takes into account the priorities set by the agenda and the contributions from the national thematic Alliances – Allenvi, Allistene, Ancre, Athena, Aviesan –, from the CNRS and from the relevant ministries. As in 2014, a large part of the Work Programme is treated as a generic call for proposals. It will be supplemented by specific calls for proposals corresponding to particular funding instruments (ERA-NETs, JPIs, LabCom, Hosting High-Level Researchers...).