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InformationNewsANR funded projects "VANISH" and "DOMEA" participate in the Antarctic Raid

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ANR funded projects "VANISH" and "DOMEA" participate in the Antarctic Raid

This “scientific raid” which has just begun is a scientific and logistic premiere in the Antarctic region which remains unexplored by land transport.

It should enable to reach in a single operation the scientific goals of two ANR and IPEV funded projects, coordinated by Michel Fily, lecturer researcher at the Joseph Fournier University (VANISH/Taste Idea project) and JĂ©rĂ´me Chappellaz, CNRS researcher at the LGGE (Glaciology and Environmental Geophysics Laboratory) (DOMEA/Explore project).

The main scientific goals are the study of climatic and environmental variability during a recent period (200 years) and the study of the relationship between temperature and greenhouse gases during climate transitions.

A third objective is to look for the best place to obtain the oldest ice (more than one million years).

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