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A Europe-India call for collaborative research on Sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections to be open soon

ANR is teaming up with Europe-India Platform (EqUIP) to launch a call supporting collaborations on Sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections, with the emphasis on Indian and European dimensions, in both contemporary and historical contexts. With a total funding of 5.5 million Euros, the call is expected to open in early September 2017. It will involve six European countries and India. Application deadline: November 2017.

Researchers from India, Finland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and France are invited to apply. Research proposals should focus on societal challenges facing both India and the respective European countries, with suggested themes including, but not limited to, sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections. Funders strongly encourage interdisciplinary approaches across social sciences and humanities (SSH) to address the themes of this call. At the same time, the call is open for other disciplines to be included in proposals, provided this is within the remit of funding agencies of respective countries, as long as their major focus remains within the remits of SSH.

Submission procedures

Each proposal under this call will require the building of consortia of three or more research groups based in three or more different countries participating in the call and be eligible for the funding from their national funding agencies. Every proposal must involve representation from India eligible for funding by the participating Indian funding agencies. . In order to assist potential applicants to network with researchers in other eligible countries, a Partner Search Tool has been developed for digital networking.
The Economic and Social Research Council in the UK (ESRC) will provide call secretariat functions for this call. The call is expected to open in early September with a closing date in late November 2017. Full proposals must be submitted to ESRC via the Electronic Submission System. The proposal submission will proceed in one stage. Project selection will be an integrated international peer evaluation process involving all the countries.

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About EqUIP
The Europe-India Platform for the Social Science and Humanities (EqUIP) is the first research collaboration platform between India and Europe specifically dedicated to social science and humanities. EqUIP aims at improving the environment for Europe-India excellent research collaboration by intensifying communication, creating networking occasions, and identifying common research priorities to be explored. The Platform brings together 20 research funding and support organisations from 15 European countries and India.