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25/07/2016 Research and Science

ANR Partners’ Medimax Project Wins Bull-Joseph Fourier First Prize

The Medimax project has made use of supercomputing and modelling to speed up and enhance the way we visualise strokes. The two teams behind the project received this year’s Bull-Joseph Fourier First Prize, dedicated to accelerating the development of computer simulation.

05/07/2016 Funding opportunities, Europe & International

Preliminary announcement: Call for Franco-American Projects PIRE Slated for Late July

ANR has joined up with the American National Science Foundation (NSF) to fund French teams jointly selected by France and the US under the NSF’s Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) call for proposals. ANR plans to launch a call for proposals dedicated to said collaboration in July.

28/06/2016 Investments for the Future

Investments for the Future: Third Phase Worth €10 Billion Announced

The French President announced 21 June a third Investments for the Future programme phase (PIA 3) worth €10 billion. The following paragraphs outline the programme, which is designed to prepare France for the challenges of tomorrow. An account of the role played by ANR in its implementation is also given.

07/06/2016 Funding opportunities

Publication of a transnational call for proposals on “Radiation Protection Research in Europe” through the EJP CONCERT

The new European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research (acronym: CONCERT) aims to contribute to the sustainable integration of European and national research programmes in the field of radiation protection.

03/06/2016 Europe & International

Global Research Council Holds Annual Meeting in New Delhi

During a two-day meeting, heads of funding agencies from more than fifty countries spanning five continents adopted statements of principle covering two major themes, “interdisciplinarity” and “equality and status of women in research”.

04/05/2016 ANR

Call for Applications - Scientific Evaluation Panel (CES) Chairmen Referees

ANR’s selection process is based on the principle of peer review, in accordance with international standards. The Agency therefore depends on regularly renewed panels as well as a deliberately broad body of eminent scientists who recuse themselves from said panels. The Agency launched today a public call for applications, open until 17 June 2016, in order to recruit chairmen referees.

27/04/2016 Funding opportunities, Europe & International

"Setting Up European or International Scientific Networks" At a Glance

"Setting Up European or International Scientific Networks" (MRSEI), created in 2015, supports the creation of transnational networks coordinated by French researchers. The instrument encourages French participation in European and international calls, with the ultimate aim of giving the country’s research greater international visibility. The third edition of this call for proposals opened recently (submission deadline set for 6 June 2016). The following is a look back at the call’s main features:

08/04/2016 ANR, Highlights

Call for application: Recruiting scientific department heads

Following the instituting of new governance at the Agency provided for by Decree No 2014-365 of 24 March 2014, ANR’s scientific teams have been grouped into five statutory departments. The Agency launched a public call for applications today (open until 14 May 2016) for the purpose of recruiting department heads.

05/04/2016 Research and Science

Microelectronics: Salware Project Offers Solutions for Securing Integrated Circuits

The Salware project, funded in 2013 under the "Young Researchers” instrument has driven forward knowledge on securing embedded circuits. Salware has also paved the way for new tools enabling circuit manufacturers and industry players using circuits to curb counterfeiting. Funding from the project has gone towards a young team researching into a heretofore unexplored theme in France.

30/03/2016 Funding opportunities

Social Sciences: ORA Funds 20 Projects in 2015 Call

The ORA Scheme, designed to strengthen international cooperation in the social sciences, has been promoting collaboration between Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France since 2010. Four joint calls for proposals, including two expanded to non-EU countries, have been launched under the initiative, whose results for 2015 were recently published. Twenty international projects will be awarded a grant worth €19 M total.