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22/09/2017 Funding opportunities

8th Call of the CHIST-ERA ERA-NET

In the framework of ERA-NET Cofund CHIST-ERA (European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in ICST) will be launch the 8th call of project. ANR is associated to this call. Bringing together 19 funding organisations from 18 European countries, this call for project funding represents a total budget of about 12.5M€. The call announcement can be found under Call 2017 on the official CHIST-ERA website:

18/07/2017 Funding opportunities

A Europe-India call for collaborative research on Sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections to be open soon

ANR is teaming up with Europe-India Platform (EqUIP) to launch a call supporting collaborations on Sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections, with the emphasis on Indian and European dimensions, in both contemporary and historical contexts. With a total funding of 5.5 million Euros, the call is expected to open in early September 2017. It will involve six European countries and India. Application deadline: November 2017.

28/04/2017 Funding opportunities

Agriculture in the Mediterranean region: a transnational call dedicated to Young Researchers to be open soon

The countries of the Mediterranean basin face a number of similar problems in relation to agriculture. In order to support research projects aimed at producing innovations that enhance the contribution of agricultural and food systems to social and economic development in a sustainable way, the ARIMNet2 consortium will soon launch a call dedicated to Young Researchers.

24/04/2017 Research and Science, Europe & International

Personalised Medicine : an international Action Plan published

Personalised medicine is an innovative method to treat patients that uses research, data and cutting-edge technology in providing better diagnostics and follow-up. It facilitates more personalised health interventions for citizens and offers tailored therapies and treatments for patients. The full potential of personalised medicine cannot be achieved due to several barriers and challenges. To boost personalised medicine, the International Consortium of Personalized Medicine (ICPerMed) has recently published a consensus view on the research and development needed in order to further advance personalised medicine.

02/03/2017 Funding opportunities

Launch of a transnational call for proposals on “Radiation Protection Research in Europe” through the EJP CONCERT

The European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research (acronym: CONCERT) aims to contribute to the sustainable integration of European and national research programmes in the field of radiation protection. The 1st of March 2017, CONCERT was launching its second transnational Call for Proposals to support innovative research projects in radioprotection.

16/01/2017 Funding opportunities

Pre-announcement: opening soon an international Call for projects in the domain of non-agricultural non-energy raw materials

In the framework of ERA-NET Cofund ERA-MIN2, at the beginning of February ANR will launch, in partnership with other 21 funding agencies from 17 different countries, its first Call for projects on non-agricultural non-energy raw materials, for a total amount of 15 M€.

30/11/2016 Funding opportunities

Preliminary announcement: a call for European projects on the Interrelation of the Intestinal microbiome, Diet and Health

The French National Research Agency will launch, in partnership with 8 countries, the first HDHL-INTIMIC joint cofunded call for funding transnational research projects on “Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health”. The call is scheduled to be opened on January 26th 2017.

30/11/2016 Funding opportunities

Preliminary announcement: a call for European projects on Systems medicine.

The French National Research Agency will launch, in partnership with 11 countries, the second ERACoSysMed joint call for funding multilateral research projects on Systems Medicine. The call is scheduled to be open on the February 3rd 2017.

21/11/2016 Funding opportunities

Transformations to sustainability: a multilateral Joint Call for Proposals soon to be launched

ANR is associated to a new funding programme “Transformations to sustainability” (T2S) initiated by the Belmont Forum and NORFACE network. On this occasion, a call for proposals including funding agencies of 14 countries will be launched in December. The aim of the call is to encourage international and transdisciplinary projects on the topic of transformations to sustainability.

17/11/2016 Funding opportunities

Preliminary announcement: an international call for proposals on Biotechnologies will be launched soon

Within the ERA-Net Cofund CoBioTech, ANR pre-announces the upcoming call for transnational research projects in the field of biotechnologies. The co-funded call brings together 21 funding organizations from 18 countries. The call is expected to open on December 1st 2016.