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28/06/2016 Investments for the Future

Investments for the Future: Third Phase Worth €10 Billion Announced

The French President announced 21 June a third Investments for the Future programme phase (PIA 3) worth €10 billion. The following paragraphs outline the programme, which is designed to prepare France for the challenges of tomorrow. An account of the role played by ANR in its implementation is also given.

05/03/2015 Research and Science, Investments for the Future

Rare diseases: Launching of the RaDiCo platform and sixteen initial rare disease cohorts

The RaDiCo project, which is funded by the French government under the first “Investments for the Future” programme, aims at providing France and Europe with cohorts that lead to a better understanding of rare diseases and thus improve their management and the development of treatments. The first call for proposals has now ended, and the platform yesterday officially launched sixteen studies.

17/04/2014 Investments for the Future

Innovative training courses: the Talent Campus project wins a top award

The actions managed by ANR for the government as part of the Investments for the Future programme include the IDEFIs (Initiatives of excellence in innovative training), an instrument intended to lead to the emergence of true demonstrators prefiguring the university courses of the future. The Talent Campus project is one of 36 initiatives funded in this context. It has just obtained the AEF Universities-Enterprises 2014 Grand Prize in the category “professional training & integration”. Presentation of this new training concept.