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20/12/2017 ANR, Europe & International, Funding opportunities

Launch of the call "Hurricanes 2017" - Disaster, Risk and Resilience

Last August and September 2017 was marked with unprecedented extreme weather events made of a succession of extreme power hurricanes especially in the Lesser Antilles and the Gulf of Mexico (Irma, Jose, Maria, Harvey). In the face of these sadly extra-ordinary events, the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation has decided to commit and launch, with the National Research Agency (ANR), a call for research projects on these phenomena and their environmental and social consequences.
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22/12/2017 ANR

Thierry Damerval, new Chairman and Managing Director of the French National Research Agency

Thierry Damerval has been appointed Chairman and Managing Director of the French National Research Agency (ANR) by a Decree of the President of the Republic, upon a proposal from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation dated 8 December 2017.

03/11/2016 ANR

ANR’s Annual Report 2015

ANR’s Annual Report underlines the Agency’s main achievements of 2015 and highlights its commitment towards research. The report is a reflect of the diversity of our missions and it underlines the results of the projects funded by ANR, showcasing the value of project-based funding.

With almost 10 years behind it, the Agency is entering into a new phase of maturity. Its core activity is still the funding of project-based research. But it is constantly evolving to improve the service rendered to the research communities as a whole and to fulfil, always to the best possible extent, the duties entrusted to it.

This year there is a new leaflet “ANR in 10 figures” joined with the report. It gives a peek of the key indicators of ANR since 10 years and during 2015.

04/05/2016 ANR

Call for Applications - Scientific Evaluation Panel (CES) Chairmen Referees

ANR’s selection process is based on the principle of peer review, in accordance with international standards. The Agency therefore depends on regularly renewed panels as well as a deliberately broad body of eminent scientists who recuse themselves from said panels. The Agency launched today a public call for applications, open until 17 June 2016, in order to recruit chairmen referees.

08/04/2016 ANR, Highlights

Call for application: Recruiting scientific department heads

Following the instituting of new governance at the Agency provided for by Decree No 2014-365 of 24 March 2014, ANR’s scientific teams have been grouped into five statutory departments. The Agency launched a public call for applications today (open until 14 May 2016) for the purpose of recruiting department heads.

18/11/2015 Research and Science, ANR

Antibiotic Resistance: Coordinating Research at the Supra-national Level

The first ever World Antibiotic Awareness Week is currently underway. Today also happens to be European Antibiotic Awareness Day. These campaigns, initiated respectively by the World Health Organisation and the European Centre for Disease Control, are an opportunity for ANR to highlight its involvement in the Joint Programming Initiative “Antimicrobial Resistance” (JPI AMR).