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03/11/2016 ANR

ANR’s Annual Report 2015

ANR’s Annual Report underlines the Agency’s main achievements of 2015 and highlights its commitment towards research. The report is a reflect of the diversity of our missions and it underlines the results of the projects funded by ANR, showcasing the value of project-based funding.

With almost 10 years behind it, the Agency is entering into a new phase of maturity. Its core activity is still the funding of project-based research. But it is constantly evolving to improve the service rendered to the research communities as a whole and to fulfil, always to the best possible extent, the duties entrusted to it.

This year there is a new leaflet “ANR in 10 figures” joined with the report. It gives a peek of the key indicators of ANR since 10 years and during 2015.

31/07/2015 ANR

ANR's Annual Report 2014

Since 2005, ANR has never stopped evolving and reinventing itself to better serve the scientific communities, both academic and industrial. This year has been one of transformation and consolidation; it will go down in the books as a milestone year for ANR. In 2014, the agency seized the opportunity to carry out an in-depth organisational overhaul, formally introduce a new two-stage selection process as well as create new funding instruments to support a wide array of research in a number of scientific disciplines and themes. With its 10-year anniversary drawing near, ANR was entrusted with new missions by the French government, further cementing the agency's position in the European and international ecosystem. ANR chairs two European Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI), is hosting the Belmont forum's world secretariat promoting inter-agency action on climate change, and has asserted itself as an outward-looking organisation, a driving force in the European Research Area and a player in scientific policy discussions on the world stage. Looking back on last year's achievements, Annual Report 2014 shines a light on the role and activities of ANR in all their diversity. It places international activities front and centre and provides an overview of successful scientific endeavours supported by the agency, showcasing the value of project-based funding.

07/08/2014 ANR

ANR's Annual Report 2013

2013 was a pivotal year for ANR, witnessing numerous changes encouraged in particular by the French Ministry of Research. ANR has thus reviewed all its procedures, both internal and for the external scientific community. The development of its Work Programme 2014 was guided by the decision to favour the understanding of its funding possibilities and to facilitate project submission procedures for the researchers. The 2014 Work Programme has introduced a generic call for proposals that covers a large proportion of the projects and meets a two-stage submission process. 2013 was also a year in which ANR reinforced its international position and its involvement in the European Research Area.

11/07/2014 ANR

Visit ANR

The French National Research Agency is conveniently located near the Gare de Lyon station, in Paris.

26/06/2013 Documents

Regulations pertaining to the conditions of allocation of ANR funding

The present regulations concern the grants allocated by the FRENCH NATIONAL RESEARCH AGENCY.

24/03/2016 Funding opportunities

Submitting a project using ANR’s submission platform

A walkthrough for submitting projects on the platform is available in French (PDF format)

21/12/2012 ANR, Research and Science

ANR Programme Planning 2013

Download the ANR Programme Planning document for the financial year 2013

19/11/2010 Funding opportunities, Research and Science, Highlights, ANR

ANR 2011 Programme Planning

ANR 2011 Programme Planning results from a broad consultation with the scientific communities. 2011 is the starting year of a new three-year cycle of programmes wich are in line with the priorities of the National Strategy for Research and Innovation.