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World Oceans Day: discover a few projects supported by ANR

Marine mammals as oceanographic platforms, a new tool for recording physical and biological data in remote areas

Research on the effects of climate change on oceans remains held back by a lack of in situ data, particularly from Polar Regions. To make up for this deficit, diving marine mammals have become a critical part of the ocean observation system. On June 1, the international MEOP portal opened up access to information collected by animals tagged with tracking devices. The following is a presentation of three projects led by the initiative’s French branch and funded by ANR.

Tara: transforming the way of studying the oceans

The first results of the “Tara Oceans” expedition (2009-2013) were the subject of a special issue of the periodical Science. In order to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis on our oceans, the schooner has been sailing the seas since 2003, taking measurements in situ and collecting samples. Overview of the projects funded by ANR in connection with the Tara expeditions and the data that they made it possible to generate.

POLYPERL: scientists pry into the world of pearl oysters

In 30 years’ time, pearl culture has become a critical economic activity in French Polynesia. To counter the crisis affecting the sector, the POLYPERL project, launched in February 2012 and funded by ANR over a period of four years in the amount of €707 k, seeks to both further fundamental knowledge on oyster pearls and their culture, as well as produce operational tools for industry professionals with a view to sustainable and integrated management of pearl culture in French Polynesia.