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2nd MarTERA call for projects on maritime and marine technologies

The overall goal of the ERA-NET Cofund MarTERA is to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) in maritime and marine technologies as well as Blue Growth. Research and innovation activities in these fields cannot be tackled either at national levels alone, or solely by a single sector. MarTERA is a network of 18 ministries, authorities and funding organisations responsible for funding research and innovation projects in maritime and marine technologies from 15 countries. The consortium of the ERA-NET Cofund MarTERA launches a second joint call for transnational research and innovation projects on different thematic priority areas. The participating countries in the Call 2019 (Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey) are supporting the following maritime and marine technology areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Environmentally friendly maritime technologies
  • Priority Area 2: Development of novel materials and structures
  • Priority Area 3: Sensors, automation, monitoring and observations
  • Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing and production
  • Priority Area 5: Safety and security

ANR supports only the Priority Area 3: Sensors, automation, monitoring and observations. The realisation of a European research and innovation agenda requires a broad and systematic cooperation in all areas of waterborne transport, offshore activity, marine resources, maritime security, biotechnologies, desalination, offshore oil & gas, fisheries, aquaculture etc.. Moreover, the focus of development in MarTERA is given to technologies (instead of sectors) due to their potentially large impact to a wide range of application fields. This call covers all relevant maritime and marine sectors and regions for a sustainable development of the maritime sector.

For projects selected for funding, each partner of the consortium will be funded directly by its respective national funding organisation. Therefore, all national regulations apply. In particular, the French applicants must read the document entitled “ModalitĂ©s de participation pour les partenaires français” available on this webpage.

General information

Points de contacts :

Claire Saout
+33(0)1 73 54 82 88

Maurice HĂ©ral

Release date of the call: Thursday 14 February 2019

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals: Friday 29 March 2019 17:00

Deadline for submission of proposals: Friday 6 September 2019 17:00