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In the context of the Work Programme 2014, ANR launched end of July 2013 a generic call for proposals, which closed on October 25. ANR received 8,471 pre-proposals including 8,444 eligible proposals. Peer review of projects is in progress.


General introduction

The ANR 2014 Work Programme, adopted on July 26 2013 by its Governing Board, is a single consolidated document. It describes the essential elements of the initiatives and calls for proposals issued by the ANR for the financial year 2014.

This document replaces the programme planning document and most calls for proposals as issued in previous programme plans.

It includes elements of definition of the major scientific and thematic fields for which the calls for proposals are issued, description of the various funding instruments and lastly the procedures for evaluating proposals.

The Work Programme comes under the framework fixed by the "France-Europe 2020" national strategic agenda.

The 4 components of the Work Programme

The 2014 framework programme is divided into 4 components which are subject to specific budget allocation:

The number of calls for proposals is significantly reduced and the funding offer is made clearer. A range of funding instruments (collaborative projects, public private partnerships, young researchers, research networks, etc.) is offered to the researchers, depending on their scientific goals and their needs. The instruments are either dedicated or common to the four components.

Selection: a two-step process

The selection procedure for the generic call for proposals will proceed in two stages.

Schedule of the Work Programme 2014

The Work Programme and the terms and conditions for submission are available on this page.

ANR intends to announce the results of the selection in July 2014 at the latest.