The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

ACHN Accueil de Chercheurs de Haut Niveau - 2016

ACHILE – Assessing CHILdren Exposure to environmental chemicals using target and non-target strategies

ACTION – Atomic-scale electron correlations using time-resolved scanning tunnelling microscopy

AxGaRe – Guidage axonale et regeneration dans le système nerveux central

C-FLigHT – Correlated fluid of light : hydrodynamical and thermodynamical aspects

CaMPUUS – Carrier Multiplication in Perovskite nanostructures studied by Ultrafast Ultraviolet/visible fluorescence Spectroscopies

CODAQ – Coupling donor and quantum dot in silicon for applications in quantum information processing

ENDURANCE – Engineering multi-photon dissipation in superconducting circuits for quantum error correction

FABRICAMAG – The Factory of Antiquity in North Africa : Archealogies and Heritages in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco (XIX-XXI)

FEMMM – Ferroelectric Molecule-Based (Magnetic) Materials

GLOBALCONTEST – Contested Global Governance, Transformed Global Governors? International Organisations and “Weak” States

HyLightExtreme – Physics of hydrogen and other light elements under extreme conditions.

ICON – Interactions of Control, Partial Differential Equations and Numerics

IMMUNODEV – Development of the immune system

INDIGEO – Indigenous geographies: roots, developments and perspectives in the french-speaking universe

IOFLOW – Biomechanics of intra-oral water flow generation in fish

LRWM – Long-run Relationships without Money

MBH – Manuscripta Bibliae Hebraicae. Hebrew Bible Manuscripts in Western Europe (England, France, Germany, Italy) in the 12th and 13th centuries: A Material, Cultural and Social Approach

MUSCLE - FORCES – In vivo quantification and manipulation of mechanical forces across muscle attachment sites and sarcomeric proteins during muscle morphogenesis

MYSTPOL – Between France and Italy: female mysticism and politics in the modern era

PARASED – Functional ecology of parasitic protists in benthic ecosystems

PathoEvo – Fusion Of Modeling And Data Analysis To Study The Evolution Of Pathogens

PAVIS – Assessing the relationships between marine protected areas and invasive species

RECERFE – Functional characterization of erythroferrone and therapeutic applications

SMARHTEST – Small RNA-directed heterochromatin establishment

TheIntricateDark – Self-interacting and asymmetric dark matter

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