The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

IOF Belmont Forum and G8 International Opportunities Fund (IOF) - 2013

ARTISTICC – Adaptation Research, a TransdISciplInary TransnatIonal Community and policy Centered approach

BAND-AID – Collaborative Research: Bangladesh Delta: Assessment of the Causes of Sea-level Rise Hazards and Integrated Development of Predictive Modeling Towards Mitigation and Adaptation

DELTAS – Catalyzing action towards sustainability of deltaic systems with an integrated modeling framework for risk assessment

FuturAgua – Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience to Drought in Dry Tropical Social-Ecological Systems: The Guanacaste, Costa Rica Example

MAGIC – Multi-scale adaptations to global change and their impacts on vulnerability in coastal areas

TLSCC – Maintaining productivity and incomes in the Tonle Sap fishery in the face of climate change

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