The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

LabCom - Vague 2 Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME/ETI - Vague 2 - 2013

APTE – APex-Technologies TElecom-ParisTech joint laboratory

BIOSOFT – Soft processes for Biodetection

LACRE – Common Laboratory of Assembling foe Exchanger Reactors

LARIOPAC – Research and innovation laboratory for cutting tools in advanced machining processes

LSTNM – Laboratory for Sciences and Technologies of Nano-Materials

P3A – Array Processing for AeroAcoustics

RESPECTc – Resources and Enery from by-products for firing clay products

SePEMeD – Joint Laboratory on Security and Processing of Externalized Medical Image Data

SMILK – Social Media Intelligence and Linked Knowledge

TerpFactory – Bioengineering of terpenoids

TransOp – Operational resource planning for transportation problems

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