The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

MATETPRO Matériaux et Procédés pour Produits Performants - 2013

CHOCOCOMP – Choc Detection by Innovative Reversible Piezochromic COatings for COMPosite Parts

colline – Liner Collapse of polymer liner composite hydrogen storage tank : initiation and effect of pressure cycles

CYRRENAS – New Cyclocarbonate Building Blocks Reactive at Room Temperature for Environment Friendly Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants

DUSTI – Durability of aeronautic parts in Titanium alloy

EcoCorail – Physical Chemistry process for the synthesis of sustainable marine materials for the littoral preservation

EcoMetals – Innovative eco-efficient biohydrometallurgy process for the recovery of strategic and rare metals: primary and secondary resources

FICHTRE – Transparent printable thin film heaters made of metallic nanowires for defogging/deicing

IMPROVMURE – Innovation in Materials and PROcedures to create Value from the MUlti-REcycling of Asphalts

INTERLOCK3D – Multiscale mechanical behavior of 3D interlocks

MeMnAl Steels – Development of 3rd generation duplex steels for automotive applications

MIMINELA – Interfacial Mechanisms and Inert Anodes Materials for Aluminium Electrolysis

PRICECAT – Compact industrial process for hot stamping of quenchable steels

ProMAP – Optimization of functional properties of particulate aerated materials

RECVAL-HPM – innovative RE-use and reCycling VALue Chain for High-Power Magnets

TOPOINJECTION – Multiscales texturation of polymer surface by laser structuring of the injection moulds: application of this technology to the polymer systems of drug delivery

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