The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

CONTINT Contenus numériques et interactions - 2013

AIDA – Intelligible Car for Hearing Impaired

ALICIA – Adaptive Learning for Intelligent Crowdsourcing and Information Access

ANTIMOINE – Anthropology territories - Interpretation of heritage

Biomist – BIO Medical research Imaging SemanTic data management

C3PO – Collaborative Creation of Contents and Publishing using Opportunistic networks

Campus AAR – ARA Campus. The Audiovisual Research Archive Campus – a demonstrator for the production, description and publishing of digital audiovisual archives. Domain of expertise: Digital humanities

ChaNTeR – Real-time controlled Digital singing

CODDDE – Evolving communities, diffusion and events detection

COSIMA – Collaborative Situated Media

CrABEx – Example-based 3D-modelling support

CULTE – CULTE / Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience

EDISON 3D – Editing and Rendering for next generation of 3D sound

ENTRACTE – Anthropomorphic Action Planning and Understanding

ETHICAA – ETHICs and Autonomous Agents

GROPLAN – Ontology and photogrammetry for generalization of survey in underwater and nautical archaeology

JEMImE – Serious Game for Children with autistic spectrum disorders based on Multimodal Emotion Imitation

MONUMENTUM – Digital modeling and data management for the conservation of masonry structures

NARECA – Narrative Embodied Conversational Agent

SEMAPOLIS – Semantic visual analysis and 3D reconstruction of urban environments

VISIIR – Visual Seek for Interactive Image Retrieval

Visioland – Vision based automatic Landing of a passenger aircraft

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