The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

JCJC SHS 3 JCJC - SHS 3 - Cultures, arts, civilisations - 2013

CHispa – Creating tools in order to develop the digital exploration of Hispanic manuscripts.

DOMEXP – Wild boar (Sus scrofa) experimental domestication: functional and ontogenetic approach of limb bone development in captive conditions

Fiduciae – Merchant relationships in practice (18th-19th centuries): from the personal to the impersonal?

SIDERENT – Iron smelting and environment in Togo : Strategy of natural resources exploitation in traditional iron production (the Bassar region, Togo)

Touat – The Touat at the crossroads of the Sahara (thirteenth to eighteenth centuries) : sources, spaces and circulations

VESUVIA – Living Together: Society and urbanism of an antique City of Italy.

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