The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects


AlterNET – Insecticide resistance and social practices relating to pesticide use by populations in Africa: how to provide pertinent information to control Anopheles gambiae s.s., the main malaria vector in West Africa

BRISK – BRidging Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge on Arctic changes: societies, vulnerabilities and adaptation.

CAVIARS – Climate, Agriculture and Vegetation : Impacts on Aeolian ERosion in Sahel

ECOPA – Evolution of consumption patterns, economic convergence and carbon footprint of development - A comparison Brazil - France

GEOMAR – Water resource management in the Eastern Mediterranean: the example of Alexandria and its water system

MAKARA – Societal responses to surface water "quality" changes (France, 19th-20th centuries)

MobiClimEx – Residential and routine mobility dynamics and weather extremes under changing climate

REMEMBER – Understanding and modelling the REgional climate system ModEls in the Mediterranean for BEtter water-related Risk prevention in the context of global change

SAMCO – Society Adaptation for coping with Mountain risks in a global change COntext

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